Episode 40 – Dealing With the Haters


Fergie recently got roasted for her performance of the National Anthem, setting off a social media frenzy of gleeful attacks. The fear is singers watching this will be afraid to take artistic risks as they could suffer the same fate. In this podcast, John gives an important pep talk on artistic courage and dealing with…

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Fergie and the National Anthem


So, Fergie did her own, “unique” interpretation of the National Anthem, and it got a bit of attention, but not for the reasons I’m sure she wanted. It was amazing to watch the virtual pile-on as people couldn’t wait to attack her on social media. And while we all find a perverse pleasure in watching…

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Episode 39 – How to Make Your Teacher Love Working With You


Skilled, in-demand voice teachers see a high number of voice students in a given week, all vying for their attention. With an extensive roster of students, there will always be those that make the teacher’s job just a little harder – don’t be that student! By being respectful of your teacher’s time and policies, and…

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Episode 38 – Trust, but Verify

Verify 2

“Trust, but verify” might come from the Ronald Reagan era but it is certainly applicable today. The internet is a wonderful explosion of knowledge, and singing is no exception.  The disruptive force of online content means anyone with a microphone has access to billions of followers – which is good….and bad. In this episode, John…

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Episode 37 – Stop Studying Already!


Studying your craft is critical to master your singing. But when does study become a crutch or avoidance mechanism? Fear of failure. Fear of judgment. These can be crippling. Yet if we don’t embrace fear and criticism our singing will likely never reach its full potential. In this episode, John explores why you need to…

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Episode 36 – How High (or low) Should My Larynx Be?


The optimal positioning of the larynx is a subject that can certainly keep voice teachers debating. Some feel a low larynx is optimal, while others will argue for a raised position. This can lead to confusion amongst singers, as well as voice teachers. In this episode, John looks at the larynx from an acoustic as…

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Episode 35 – Becoming a Voice Teacher


Have you ever thought about teaching voice, but are intimated? In this episode John talks about the joys of a teaching career, and how you can get started on your path. Teaching voice is incredibly rewarding, and can provide a career full of music. This episode is perfect if you want to get started, but…

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Episode 34 – Are You Doing the Work?


A career in the entertainment business takes enormous dedication. You are competing against the best in the world and you need to bring your absolute best to the table. Dedication and hard work are essential.  Without them, your chances of success are almost nonexistent. In this episode, John gives his best advice about what it…

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Episode 33 – Fixing Your Vocal Break

Breaks Image

The vocal break is the dreaded part of the voice that keeps voice teachers in business. The break is the number issue most singers deal with. If you hit this area too hard you jam up, not hard enough and you fall apart. Why does this happen and what to do about it? In this…

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Episode 32 – The Focused Mindset


Singing is a high-level art form that takes an incredible amount of skill and artistry. As a student of singing your work is truly never done. But are you really doing the hard work? In this episode, John delves into the idea of “deep work” and how to use uninterrupted focus and intensity to supercharge…

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