Episode 31 – Artistry and Vocal Risks

Warning Sign

Many in the vocal community are talking about Adele and the recent cancellation of the final nights of her tour. The pressures and demands of a career can take a toll on an artist, and it’s something professional singers often find themselves worrying about. There is also the pressure to deliver performances that move and excite…

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Episode 30 – Vowel Perception

Vowel Perception Blog

The music of the voice is in the vowel, and therein lies a great key to singing. Understanding how to approach vowels is critical for singing, not only for technical mastery, but also vocal color and nuance. However, the vowels you want for singing can be very different from the vowel sounds you commonly use…

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Episode 29 – How to Practice


Practicing correctly can speed your progress greatly, but singers often wonder how to get the best from their voice during these sessions. In this episode John gives his best advice for having a successful practice session. Practice well and you will sing well!

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Episode 28 – Acting Your Song


One of the main reasons to listen to music, and especially good vocalists, is to feel an emotion. Being able to deliver strong (and honest) emotions in your singing is extremely important. Acting your song is not just for musical theatre or opera.  You can use these techniques to up your performances of any style. In this…

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Episode 27 – Do Skype Lessons Work?


Skype lessons tend to bring our very strong opinions amongst voice teachers.  Some love ’em, some hate ’em. In this episode, John looks at the challenges of learning voice on-line, starting with his early days of teaching over the telephone (yes, he’s that old). If you have thought about learning or even teaching over Skype…

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Episode 26 – Vocal Fold Hydration, Revisited


Keeping your vocal folds properly hydrated is essential for good healthy speaking and singing, but it is not always easily done. Just drinking more fluids is often not enough, especially for those who use their voices on a professional level. In this episode, John again looks at some of the latest research on vocal fold…

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Episode 25 – Vocal Science and Singing


Vocal science has gone from being hidden within the halls of academia to a greater acceptance by voice teachers, and increasingly, singers as well. However, is vocal science becoming overhyped and stopping singers from actually learning to sing? John delves into this subject with his own viewpoint of how vocal science has transformed his approach…

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Episode 24 – What is Mix Singing?


Singers often talk about “mix,” but what does it really mean? In this episode, John delves into the world of mix and discusses it from a physical and acoustic standpoint. If you are confused by what mix singing is, this episode is for you!

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Episode 23 – Singing With More Power


Singing with more power is usually a high priority for singers.  Unfortunately, if done wrong, attempting to get more power out of the voice can lead to vocal problems and even damage. In this episode John explains how vocal power works and how to begin to safely find it in your own voice.

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Episode 22 – Healthy Belt Singing


Belting can be one of the most thrilling types of singing a vocalist can attempt, but if done incorrectly it can lead to devastating vocal problems. In this episode, John breaks down the right and wrong ways to belt, and exactly what is happening in the voice when belting correctly. This basic knowledge can be an…

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