What Singers Must Know About Breathing

breathing singing

Breathing is one of the most misunderstood and debated elements of singing, even amongst voice teachers. Get a roomful of teachers, bring up breathing, and watch the fireworks commence. “Give it more support!” “Sing on the breath.” “Sing from your diaphragm!” The list goes on. I believe almost all teachers are going after the same…

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Episode 00 – Introduction to the Intelligent Vocalist Podcast

In this introductory episode, renowned Los Angeles voice instructor John Henny gives you the lowdown on the show’s philosophy, what you can expect from future episodes, and why he’s doing this in the first place. The Intelligent Vocalist explores singing on every level.  It is based on the idea that the more you know about the…

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Why High Notes Are So Difficult

high notes difficult

Singing Powerful High Notes High notes are actually pretty easy, until you want them to be strong. Singers often find themselves being able to sing the note in a light head or falsetto sound, or they have to jam up and push like crazy, forcing the voice until it hurts. Why does this tug of…

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Why Is Singing So Hard?

singing is hard

Why is Singing So Hard? Singing boils down to three basic things: • The air you send the vocal cords • The muscles of the cords to resist the air • The resonance to enhance the resulting sound wave It would seem pretty easy, wouldn’t it? Three simple things you need to work with: air,…

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Three Ways To Have Better Voice Lessons

Doing prep work and getting in the proper frame of mind can turn a good voice lesson into a great one, or even into a major vocal breakthrough. These magic lessons happen when you put in the work. Let’s look at three ways to have a great singing lesson.   Bring In Songs Voice teachers…

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Voice Lessons and Sexual Harassment

Voice Teachers and Sexual Harassment It took me a long time to write this article. I suppose I’m a bit hesitant to shine a light on a dark little corner of my industry, and I also believe that most all voice teachers are good, ethical people who are trying to sincerely help others. Then there…

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The Difference Between Range and Tessitura

Range vs Tessitura When searching to find new songs, singers will often look at the lowest and highest notes, to see if they fall into a range they are comfortable with. The “range” of a song refers to the tonal distance of notes from the lowest to the highest. However this “measurement” of a song can…

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Is Your Voice Teacher a Stalker?

Not a stalker in the boil-your-pet-rabbit-on-the-stove sense, but in pressuring you to study with them and only them. I’ve seen it before, voice teachers using the authority and trust given by a student to manipulate them stay with the teacher longer than necessary. Some teachers will use guilt, pressure and even suggestions of friendship to…

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A Common Singing Mistake

By now, most singers and voice teachers know that taking the lower register too high, or “pulling chest” is wrong.  It limits range and can cause a host of vocal issues. It was found that changing vowels from wide to more narrow stopped the chest pulling process and enabled a singer to get into their…

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One Secret of Vowel Modification

Of course, there are no secrets, just concepts not everyone is aware of – but the title got you here, didn’t it? Here’s my not really secret revelation: Vowels are different for everyone.  I shall explain, and I promise not to use any Italian phrases (though it does make us voice teachers sound smarter).  …

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