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John Henny shares his vocal tips and techniques in his Intelligent Vocalist podcast.

Episode 22 – Healthy Belt Singing


Belting can be one of the most thrilling types of singing a vocalist can attempt, but if done incorrectly it can lead to devastating vocal problems. In this episode, John breaks down the right and wrong ways to belt, and exactly what is happening in the voice when belting correctly. This basic knowledge can be an…

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Episode 21 – Rhythm and Phrasing for Singers


One of the key ways to become a great singer is to gain mastery over rhythm and phrasing. This can make the difference between mediocre vocal performances and ones that will have listeners flocking to you. In this episode, John covers how to learn to accurately subdivide beats and how syncopation can make you singing more…

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Episode 20 – Natural vs Trained Singers


Some believe that only natural singers can truly reach the heights of singing. In this podcast John discusses why pure natural talent, while a desirable gift, can also cause problems for singers, and how the singer that has to work harder actually has some advantages. If you are doubting your ability to become a world-class…

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Episode 19 – Should You Learn an Instrument?

In this episode, John goes over the many benefits of learning an instrument as well as breaking down the advantages of some of the most popular instruments. Learn which musical concepts are vitally important for a singer, and why you don’t need to become a virtuoso player in order to dramatically impact your musical skills.

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Episode 18 – Learn to Sing From YouTube?

People use YouTube to learn how to do all sorts of things, and singing is no exception. There are literally thousands of free singing lessons on YouTube, but can you actually learn to sing from them? In this episode, John Henny breaks down how to use YouTube to your best advantage, and what mistakes to…

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Episode 17 – How to Choose Songs

In this podcast John goes into the three reasons to sing any song. He also delves into how you should choose your material to help grow and strengthen your voice, and why some songs may not be the best choice. Don’t waste your precious practice time with songs that aren’t serving your vocal goals.

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Episode 16 – How to Sing Higher

The number one goal for most beginning singers is to expand their current range, however if done incorrectly, a huge number of vocal issues can occur. In this episode John explains how the voice can get those elusive high notes and gives some simple exercises to get you started on the right path to singer…

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Episode 15 – Having a Singing Career

A career in singing is a dream shared by many, but so few achieve this elusive goal. In this episode, John discussing the different types of career path, and the skills you need in each one. John also gives singers looking for a recording career some vital tips to getting started, and how to begin…

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Episode 14 – Your Voice and Hydration

Proper hydration is absolutely essential for a healthy speaking and singing voice, but how can you make sure your voice is properly hydrated? In this episode, John covers both how to best hydrate your voice through your body as well as your environment. He also covers one of the most effective devices he has found to…

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Episode 13 – What About Breathing?

Breathing, another controversial singing subject (what isn’t?).  We can all agree breath is essential to singing, but you obviously know how to breath, and are probably doing it now, so why is singing so different? There are different schools of thought on the subject, and some teachers make breathing the most important thing in singing.…

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