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How Can We Help?
You want to expand your studio but don't know where to start
You have questions and concerns about hiring other teachers
You have trouble filling your teacher's schedules
Your social media yields little results
You struggle with training front desk staff
You want to create online product but don't know how
You want passive income
  • Branding
We will help you tell your studio "story" quickly and concisely with a consistent narrative across all social media platforms relevant to your business. 
  • Customer Aquisition
We will find new audiences for your marketing message and convert them into students. 
  • Digital Marketing 
We will create a pro-active campaign and timeline, and assist you in an ongoing marketing program. 
  • Product Creation
We can help you create, launch and market online digital education products so you can earn passive income while you sleep.
  • Systems
Our team will help you identify simple key systems like FB pixels, re-targeting, chat client and analytics that will help you make a stronger connection to potential clients. 
  • Virtual Training
We will train your staff how to be  effective systems experts,  invaluable brand ambassadors and proactive contributors to helping you get more customers...giving YOU, the Music Studio Owner more financial freedom and peace of mind. 
Build Your Studio the Right Way
John Henny Consulting is committed to helping your business grow..
  • Use advertising profitably 
  • Maximize student enrollment
  • Systems to help you save money
About Tracee
John Henny Consulting 
John and Tracee Theisen-Henny have decades of experience in music education and marketing.  

They currently run the John Henny Vocal Studio, the John Henny Music Academy and John Henny Productions, a leading producer of online vocal education products.

John Henny Consulting is specifically designed to help Music Studio Owners grow and expand their businesses.
About John
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By the Hour
  • Consultation with Tracee or John - $125 per hour
  • Staff Training - $85 per hour 
  • Monthly Webinar - $50
    *Note - Hourly Consults Do Not Include Access to Marketing Materials 
Monthly Plan $295 Monthly (Save $300) 
  • (2) 60 minute consult sessions with Tracee and John 
  • Access to Templates and Samples of Forms, Flyers and Emails 
  • Systems and Policies Training Guidelines and Tips 
  • Competitive Strategies and Internet Marketing Tools 
  • Free Monthly Webinar
  • 20% Discount On Any Additional Hours 
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