"Master your voice. Make it your instrument."

"Your vocal style should be a collection of your strengths, not your weaknesses." - John Henny

What to Expect

First Lesson:

The first lesson is a great opportunity for both you and John to get to know each other. John will ask a few brief questions about your vocal history and then immediately diagnose your voice. This diagnostic test consists of a simple vocal exercise that will give him enough information about your voice to move forward with the correct method of teaching specially for you.



John Henny’s vocal curriculum is truly unique across all of the singing space. After years of guiding hundreds of student’s voices, John has discovered and combined “three vocal technique fundamentals” to create an extremely effective method of teaching from which anyone can benefit.

From the Blog

How to Warm-Up the Voice:

Warming-up the voice is often misunderstood. It is not the same as a vocal workout, where you work specifically on strength, tone and quality. Warming-up is about getting the voice ready for singing or working out. It is the equivalent of stretching before exercise.