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Eliminate vocal confusion and start building your best singing voice. I know what it's like to struggle with your voice. I also know the confusion of conflicting advice. I have created to bring you not only my best techniques but also those of educators I know and trust.

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Boldly Belting

Learn how to belt your face off with my breakthrough course! Specially constructed songs will get you singing a strong belt without boring scales.

This Course Will Enable You To
Find your mix voice 
Develop vocal power
Properly tune vowels
Eliminate strain
Smooth vocal breaks
Belt with confidence

Advanced Vowel Tuning

Resonance and acoustics can be confusing and frustrating. I break down these concepts so you can not only understand but also apply the knowledge.

Learn How To
Precisely adjust your voice
Effectively utilize vowel tuning in your teaching and singing
Bring out maximum power and range
Apply these concepts by watching observations of student singer

Build Your Mix

If you struggle with this essential vocal skill, this course has been created for YOU!

This Course Will Help You
Learn the mechanics of mix
Control your voice effectively
Eliminate your singing roadblocks
Target stubborn vocal issues
Put knowledge to practice with effective exercises


21 Day Challenge to Launching Your On-Line Course

From concept creation, to recording & editing, to choosing your basic product delivery system and putting the finishing touches on final details, get your on-line course LIVE BY DAY 21!!!

In 21 Days, You Will Learn to:
Choose your winning topic
Get logos and design
Create your lessons
Set up your shopping cart
Choose the right delivery system
Record and edit your course
Create your offer

Now, Next, Necessary

Learn the concepts and systems that will be a breakthrough for you to Get Things Done and Do Something Great. This is a "MUST HAVE" for the Productive Creative.

In This Course, You Will Get:
Positive Accountability
On-Going Professional Development
Positive Momentum
Access to ask Tracee Theisen-Henny questions directly within the Course

Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy

Become a successful contemporary voice teacher.  Learn to diagnose voices, how to setup your studio, vocal anatomy and acoustic science, piano skills and more! CVTA can take you from never having taught a lesson to being a top-notch voice teacher. 

Why Teachers Choose CVTA
Save thousands in education fees
Go at your own pace
Easy to understand trainings
Monthly member only webinars
Ask John questions directly
No long-term commitment

Teaching Belt Singing

Effectively and safely guide your students into intense belt vocals!

In This Course, You Will Learn:
How belt really works
The acoustics that are the key to intense singing
The key concept between belt success and failure
How to get your students belting quickly
How to apply your new knowledge in lessons


The New Science of Singing 3.0

My most popular course, newly updated! Gain control of your voice by learning how it really works.

This Course Will Help You
Understand vocal registration 
Fix vocal breaks
Create a full range of vocal tone and color
Develop strong, high belt notes
Expand your range
Eliminate strain


Straw Warmups

Vocalizing through a straw is a proven way to balance and strengthen the voice.

In this FREE mini-course, renowned teacher trainer and voice expert, John Henny shows you his favorite exercises to quickly warmup and soothe your voice.

This Course Will Show You How To
Choose the right straw
Use the best practices and exercises
Expand your range
Gain balance
Improve vocal health

Sing In Tune

Ready to get rid of pitch issues for good?

If you are struggling with pitch issues, know this: You CAN sing in tune! Many of us require a bit of extra work to connect the mind to our voice.

Learn How To
Hear the pitch in your mind
Connect the mind to the voice
Produce pitches accurately
Hit higher notes

Beginning Singing (Digital)

Get a free digital copy of my best-selling book, Beginning Singing. Beginning Singing will give you the essential knowledge and techniques to discover and develop your true voice. Easy to understand concepts and practical exercises will help remove vocal limitations and allow your voice to soar!

You Will Learn
How to extend your range
Breath control basics
The key to building vocal power
How to eliminate cracks and breaks
The secrets to improving your tone
How your voice really works
Effective practice routines
And MUCH more!

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