Online Courses for Singers 
and Teachers

The New Science of Singing 2.0

My most popular course, newly updated! Gain control of your voice by learning how it really works.

This Course Will Teach You
Vocal acoustics 
How to tune vowels
Vocal registration
How to eliminate cracking
Formants and harmonics 
Includes bonus exercises

Boldly Belting

Learn how to belt your face off with my breakthrough course! Specially constructed songs will get you singing a strong belt without boring scales

This Course Will Enable You To
Find your mix voice 
Develop vocal power
Properly tune vowels
Eliminate strain
Smooth vocal breaks
Belt with confidence

Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy

Become a successful contemporary voice teacher.  Learn to diagnose voices, how to setup your studio, vocal anatomy and acoustic science, piano skills and more! CVTA can take you from never having taught a lesson to being a top-notch voice teacher. 

Why Teachers Choose CVTA
Save thousands in education fees
Go at your own pace
Easy to understand trainings
Monthly member only webinars
Ask John questions directly
No long-term commitment

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