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Balance and Build Your Voice

Get My Free Vocal Warmups Course

Balance and Build Your Voice


There is an amazing voice inside of you, waiting to burst out and sing to the world. But without proper technique and guidance, your voice can be lost to frustration and feelings of inadequacy.

But there is a way to bring out your wonderful, natural instrument.

My methods have helped thousands of singers, from beginners to chart-topping superstars, and they can transform your voice as well.

What Members Are Saying:

"I’m now preparing for more gigs and am grateful for all the work I put in that one gig which I know was not in vain but was an investment in my career. Thanks to everybody here for inspiring me and helping me prepare and get excited for this new stage of my career I’m in.

Darlene Yam, thank you so much for your feedback ❤️ and for all of your tips and support. They really helped me during my prep time, especially the relaxation tips and how to order my setlist to avoid tiredness, and how to be confident with my arrangements 🙌🏿.

John Henny, thank you so much. Your feedback inspires me to keep on! This is definitely you guys’ win also, since all the resources here have helped me grow. Thanks again 🤗."

"Your videos are pleasantly short and the knowledge shared is friendly and on point as always before starting one of the various exercises."

"I have been a long-time listener of the podcast and have already learned so much from John. I am looking forward to starting the School [] and continuing my journey."

"I watched all of the (live) coaching calls and found lots of valuable information. Thank you!"

About John

John has been a leading voice teacher for over 25 years. He has taught thousands of singers, including Grammy winners and top background and session singers. John's students have appeared on Broadway and in major touring companies.

John has also trained hundreds of voice teachers, including many industry leaders. 

He has lectured at USC, The Paul McCartney Liverpool Institute and the Learning Annex.

John is known for making complex concepts simple and easy to understand and is a leader in creating online programs for singers and voice teachers. He currently owns the John Henny Music Academy, which has been voted Best and Favorite Music Lessons two years in a row.

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