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Balance and Build Your Voice

Get My Free Vocal Warmups Course

Balance and Build Your Voice

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Get My Free Vocal Warmups Course

Balance and Build Your Voice

Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller with vocal coach John Henny

"I’m carny trash.  I blew my voice out when I was 18 and now I’m 64 and do a show in Vegas every night.  Doctors gave me pills, shots, and inhalers to try to get me to be able to do a show every night so producers could make money. John gave me knowledge, techniques, exercises, and warm-ups that have worked. He made my job not just easier but possible.  He knows stuff."

Penn Jillette - Penn and Teller

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Create a Better Sounding Voice

Find your compelling voice by utilizing the secrets of great singers.


Praise from Compelling Speaker Workshop Attendees

"I do not remember the last time I had such a fresh learning experience."

"John is easy to understand and even in a short time, presents a number of techniques and principles that would be useful to any leader."

"Very applicable to everybody, had a lot of great insights and actionable items."

"I can recommend John to anyone looking to improve his or her voice."

Dr. Drew Pinsky
Loveline, Celebrity Rehab

Dr. Drew Pinsky

About John

John has helped thousands of voice users around the world. John has been a featured lecturer at top voice conferences and institutions, including The Paul McCartney Liverpool Institute and USC.

John is the author of three Amazon bestselling books and hosts the popular podcast The Intelligent Vocalist.

In addition to singers, John coaches professional voice users in business, the US Military, sports announcers, and voice over artists.

His cutting-edge methods help eliminate strain and bring out your best sounding, compelling voice.

About John

John has been a leading voice teacher for over 25 years. He has taught thousands of singers, including Grammy winners and top background and session singers. John's students have appeared on Broadway and in major touring companies.

John has also trained hundreds of voice teachers, including many industry leaders. 

He has lectured at USC, The Paul McCartney Liverpool Institute and the Learning Annex.

John is known for making complex concepts simple and easy to understand and is a leader in creating online programs for singers and voice teachers. He currently owns the John Henny Music Academy, which has been voted Best and Favorite Music Lessons two years in a row.

Work With John

Just a few sessions with John can transform your speaking voice. Gain confidence and authority by discovering your compelling voice.

In your session, you will discover:

  • Your best, captivating vocal sound
  • The power of vocal resonance
  • How to keep listeners interested, even when covering dry material
  • Using your voice to emotionally connect with your audience

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