About John



Growing up in Los Angeles, John Henny was always immersed in music, but it was playing the drums that eventually led to his love for the voice and its complexities. While performing as a drummer, his focus was always on the vocalist at the front of the stage. John began studying his own voice with the top vocal coaches in the industry. He used the techniques he learned as a student combined with his own experience as a vocalist to master the sound and technique of his voice. It wasn’t long before other vocalists and vocal coaches began seeking his advice. John knew that he had found his true gift: Teaching. “It’s exciting to see someone learn to do something with your help… to see someone who has damaged their voice and you rehab them so they can go back to work and get their career going again…It’s incredibly fulfilling for me” says John.

Henny has since become one of the leading vocal coaches in the music industry for vocal technique and is regarded as a true teacher of teachers. “The demands these days for being a professional singer for Broadway or as a recording artist is so high…If you don’t have a rock solid foundation of technique in your voice, its extremely difficult to be successful or complete a tour.”

John’s techniques not only keep the voice healthy, they also improve the overall sound. His techniques help eliminate cracks in the voice as well as extend the singer’s range allowing the singer to express themselves vocally without limitation.

“My specialty is giving someone an instrument they have complete command over so they can sing whatever material they want.”

John Henny has shared his polished technique at prestigious colleges and institutes such as USC, Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of the Arts and The Academy of Contemporary Music in England. Being a columnist for Backstage Magazine, also gave John the opportunity to share his mastery in vocal technique and health. “The one thing I would tell singers is they have to build up their instrument and get their voice working properly.”

John’s students reach their goals time and time again. Some of his current students are on Broadway in touring productions such as Jersey Boys, Miss Saigon, Godspell, Les Miserables, Movin’ Out, Avenue Q to name a few. Many have also landed starring roles in shows including Desperate Housewives, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Glee. He also continues to have students who become finalists on American Idol and The X Factor. Many of John Henny’s students are recording artists and are signed to various music labels such as Interscope, Warner Brothers, RCA, and Universal.

John Henny Vocal Studios is located at 12722 Riverside Drive in North Hollywood, CA near many major recording studios. When John is not at the studio sharing his wisdom of the voice, he is spending time with his wife, their three children and four bulldogs (two English, two French). John’s hobbies include poker, playing guitar, and listening to The Beatles, which is still his favorite band of all time.