Stop Singing Scales!!!

When Singing Scales Doesn’t Help It’s a common frustration for the voice student.  You work scales over and over, and get pretty good at them.  The voice feels balanced and pretty secure.  Then you go to sing a song and it all falls apart.  Notes are suddenly cracking and straining and you don’t know why.…

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How to Warm-up the Voice

Warming-up the voice is often misunderstood. It is not the same as a vocal workout, where you work on strength, tone quality, etc. Warming-up is about getting the voice ready for singing or working out. It is the equivalent of stretching before exercise. Morning Voice We have all experienced croaky morning voice. In this state…

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Welcome to my blog!

Sign up for my Facebook or Twitter Feed or visit this blog from time to time. I will be giving free vocal exercises and tips, as well as, talking about industry news. Here are the first vocal exercises:  

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