Episode 46 – Your Health and Singing

Singing Health

We all hear about vocal health, vocal rest, proper technique. But what about your overall health? Is this something you have been ignoring? Is it something you are beginning to worry about? In this episode, John looks at his own health journey and what it has meant to him as a teacher and content creator.…

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Episode 45 – Intellectual Humility


Humble thyself! Yep, it turns out ego and confidence not only makes you unpleasant on social media, but it can also slow your progress and learning. In this episode, John looks at how adopting intellectual humility and a growth mindset can be critical in rapid growth as a singer, voice teacher, musician, and yes, human being.…

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Episode 44 – The Acoustics of Mix


Mix is an often misunderstood term (as are most in singing). Singers often refer to mix as “something less than belt,” but in this episode, John discusses how to take your mix into the world of intense belting without the usual vocal fatigue and danger. The acoustics of mix are incredibly fascinating and open up…

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Episode 43 – Drop Your Jaw

Drop Jaw

Drop your jaw! If you take voice lessons you have no doubt heard this command. You have even likely felt the beneficial effects of doing the jaw drop. Why does dropping the jaw help? And why do we often resist doing it? In this episode, John looks at the acoustic science behind dropping your jaw…

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Episode 42 – Sing Like No One’s Listening


We all know the feeling. Our voice sounds great in the practice room, only to fall apart when we go to sing in front of others. How can we get the same confidence we feel when singing alone? How can we sing like no one’s listening? This question comes from a listener of the podcast, and John…

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Episode 41 – Singing From First Principles


When you think of singers, Elon Musk usually does not come to mind.  That’s because Elon doesn’t sing, at least not publicly. But the trailblazing founder of Tesla and Space X does do something amazingly well that we singers can learn from. Elon is able to break complex systems down to the most basic level, and…

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Learn To Sing From Elon Musk


I’ll start with a cheesy, LA name-dropping story. I was working with an amazingly talented actress, who was auditioning for a film role that required her character to sing. I had also given her a discount as she had booked a large number of sessions in a short period. After the first session, I decided…

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Episode 40 – Dealing With the Haters


Fergie recently got roasted for her performance of the National Anthem, setting off a social media frenzy of gleeful attacks. The fear is singers watching this will be afraid to take artistic risks as they could suffer the same fate. In this podcast, John gives an important pep talk on artistic courage and dealing with…

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Fergie and the National Anthem


So, Fergie did her own, “unique” interpretation of the National Anthem, and it got a bit of attention, but not for the reasons I’m sure she wanted. It was amazing to watch the virtual pile-on as people couldn’t wait to attack her on social media. And while we all find a perverse pleasure in watching…

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Episode 39 – How to Make Your Teacher Love Working With You


Skilled, in-demand voice teachers see a high number of voice students in a given week, all vying for their attention. With an extensive roster of students, there will always be those that make the teacher’s job just a little harder – don’t be that student! By being respectful of your teacher’s time and policies, and…

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