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Episode 248 – Creative Goals and Success

In this episode, John talks with Tracee Theisen-Henny about setting goals, accountability, and how to break through overwhelm to be a "productive creative." Episode Highlights: The new year can be stressful
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Episode 237 – Helping Creatives Get Things Done

The creative mind is often a double-edged sword: The ability to dream and create can also lead to indecision and unfulfilled goals. Tracee Theisen-Henny helps creatives, singers, and voice teachers (including
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Episode 229 – Working with Other Musicians

The world of the working musician is competitive, and the best singer does not always get the job. You need to be a top-level professional in both skills and attitude. James Eager
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Episode 212 – The Working Singer with Jamila Ford

Jamila Ford is an experienced singer with a long list of credits, including Seal and the Coachella Festival. Jamila brings the perspective of a successful working singer to her podcast audience
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Episode 194 – Working With Great Musicians

As you progress in your singing, you will likely start to interact with better musicians. Higher-level musicians will listen to and interact with you differently than novice players. At the same
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Episode 189 – The Way Forward

The current challenges we face have been incredibly disruptive for musicians and creatives. Projects, goals, and livelihoods have been displaced, creating untold amounts of stress and worries of the future. In
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Episode 185 – Dealing with Life’s Bad Beats

In her book, The Biggest Bluff, author, and psychologist Maria Konnikova takes a year off from writing to learn poker. In 12 short months, she goes from complete novice to