Words "theory and practice" on a calk board

Episode 288 – Theory Vs. Practice

In this episode, John talks about the importance of taking the knowledge and theory you have learned and putting it into practice in various settings, not just in the rehearsal
Elisa Di Napoli beside her book

Episode 287 – Overcoming Stage Fright With Elisa Di Napoli

In this episode, John talks with Mindset Coach, Creativity Counsellor, Holistic Hypnotherapist, and Author Elisa Di Napoli about combining scientific and holistic approaches to managing stage fright. Elisa talks about the
Woman walking with guitar

Episode 286 – You Alone Are Responsible

In this episode, John talks about why you and you alone are responsible for your voice. By understanding and acknowledging all aspects of your voice, strengths, and weaknesses, you can
Slow Down written in sand

Episode 279 – Slow Down!

In this episode, John talks about how trying to keep up with the information coming at us in a continually speeding up world can be overwhelming and distract us from
A woman with arms in the air by a blue sky

Episode 278 – Non-Conceptual Singing

In this episode, John talks about how concepts and judgment can hold us back from truly experiencing our voices and that learning to let go and embrace being in the
Humility written in wood blocks

Episode 276 – The Power of Humility

In this episode, John talks about how humility and accepting the twists and turns in life and our singing journeys will help us to grow and experience more. Episode Highlights: There
The word criticism

Episode 275 – The High Cost of Criticism

In this episode, John talks about the fear of criticism and how to re-adjust your mindset to be able to put yourself out there to share your knowledge and talents.