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The Difference Between Range And Tessitura

When searching for new songs, singers will often look at the lowest and highest notes to see if they fall into a comfortable range. The vocal range refers to the tonal
Rob Diets and his book A Cappella 101

Episode 280 – A Cappella 101 With Rob Dietz

In this episode, John talks with arranger, vocal percussionist, and author Rob Dietz about his latest book, "A Cappella 101," and how vocal techniques and an understanding of how your
Aliki Katriou singing on stage

Episode 268 – Extreme Vocals with Aliki Katriou

In this episode, John talks with Aliki Katriou, who has extensive knowledge of classical technique, and contemporary styles and is world-renowned for her expertise with "extreme" vocals, about what singing
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Episode 266 – Singing with an Open Throat

In this episode, John talks about what is meant by singing with an "open throat" and how to approach this vocal technique with balance in mind. Episode Highlights: How to tell
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Episode 263 – Hidden Vocal Problems

In this episode, John talks about how vocal imbalances can creep into our singing and how we sometimes have to dig a little deeper to find these imbalances to be

Developing Vocal Riffs and Phrasing

Vocal Riffs and Phrasing – The BasicsTo develop your own unique vocal style, first, you should imitate. Yes, imitate your favorite singers. By borrowing from a collection of different singers,