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John Henny shares his vocal tips and techniques in his Intelligent Vocalist podcast.

Episode 79 – On Being a Beginner

Learning any new skill can be daunting, but the voice has levels of complexity that make it a unique challenge. The fine-tuning and coordination of muscles and energies we scarcely feel (or feel in illusory ways) can confuse and discourage the beginning singer (as well as the more experienced). In this episode, John breaks down…

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Episode 78 – Dealing with Discouragement

We all have bad days as singers. We can even have extended periods of voice issues that seem never to end. These setbacks can create feelings of discouragement that pull us from the path of improvement. In this episode, John discusses how to bounce back from these difficult days and how you can quickly get…

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Episode 77 – Singing and Competition

Most human endeavors have an element of competition to them, and music is no different. The problem is when competition between singers turns toxic, it can be a discouraging situation. In this episode, John looks at how to use competition to your benefit, and how to move towards a higher level of competition with yourself,…

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Episode 76 – The Life of Your Voice

Your voice will change dramatically from birth to old age. What can you expect during these different periods? Can you sing well your entire life? In this episode, John takes you through the how and why of your changing voice and gives you tips for staying healthy throughout your vocal lifetime.

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Episode 75 – Do You Have What It Takes?

It is a common question for singers (and all creatives) – do I have what it takes? But is this even the question to ask? And if asked, who is to answer? In this episode, John looks at this fundamental struggle of self-doubt and how it impacts you, the singer.

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Episode 74 – Training Your Ears

One of the best compliments you can give a musician is to say he or she has “big ears.” This means an ability to hear music at a deep level. Singing is a skill that requires so much attention that the ability to focus on the music around us is often diminished. In this episode, John…

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Episode 73 – Your Vocal Color Wheel

The tonal variations and shades of a musical instrument (such as the guitar) are nearly infinite. From the choice of woods, to strings, to the musician’s approach, each element helps create a rainbow of sound variations. Singers have their own infinite color choices, and vowel shadings are a significant source of variations for musical expression. In this episode,…

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Episode 72 – Distraction Is the Enemy

The mind is a stimulus-seeking machine, which creates opportunities to be constantly distracted. Technology, especially social media is engineered to take advantage of our increasingly short attention spans. The problem is, the work we singers seek to do takes a great deal of focus and awareness. In this episode, John discusses the problems of distraction and how…

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Episode 71 – The Seven Traits of Great Singers

Great singers have a uniqueness that makes them rare and special. But they also have traits in common that help fuel their greatness. In this episode, John discusses these traits so many leading singers have cultivated and developed in their musical lives to lift themselves above the pack. These traits are: Consistency Self-Awareness Kinesthetic Awareness Attention…

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Episode 70 – Understanding Sound

It all starts with sound, however, few singers understand the nature of sound and the importance of creating balanced sound waves. In this episode, John breaks down how sound works and the differences in balanced and unbalanced sound waves. SHOW LINKS: January Voice Challenge

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