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Episode 213 – Using Melodic Colors

Great lyricists use words not just for rhyme schemes or emotional context but for musical color. Finding the right shade and intensity level of a word will boost your singing to
photo of Jamila Ford

Episode 212 – The Working Singer with Jamila Ford

Jamila Ford is an experienced singer with a long list of credits, including Seal and the Coachella Festival. Jamila brings the perspective of a successful working singer to her podcast audience
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Episode 211 – Music Isn’t Fair

Just as in life, music and singing will bring disappointments. Most of these disappointments are not in our control, but that doesn't mean we can't get back on track. In this episode,
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Episode 208 – Fixing a Thin Sounding Voice

A full, rich-sounding voice is highly sought after by singers. But what if you find your voice to be thin or nasal? In this episode, John explains what causes a thin tone
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Episode 207 – Calming Your Chattering Brain

Our minds can be a terrible place to live. Constant chatter, worry, and criticism are the opposite of what we need to practice and create music with our voice. In this
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Episode 206 – Do I Have Talent?

Almost every creative endeavor carries the question, "am I good enough? Do I have talent?" This feeling of not being good enough has caused many worthy voices to stumble and go
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Episode 205- Don’t Fear Your Chest Voice

Getting stuck in chest voice or the lower register is a common problem for developing singers. Much work is devoted to lightening this part of the voice to reduce yelling