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John Henny shares his vocal tips and techniques in his Intelligent Vocalist podcast.

Episode 87 – Vocal Health Q&A with Dr. Reena Gupta, Part 1

Reena Gupta

Dr. Reena Gupta is one of the leading ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors in Los Angeles. Dr. Gupta specializes in professional voice users, including celebrity singers. Dr. Gupta joins John in the studio to answer your voice questions, including: When should you see an ENT? What should voice teachers listen for in singer’s voices?…

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Episode 86 – Voice Q&A with Chris Johnson

Part 2 of the Chris Johnson (of the Naked Vocalist podcast) interview.   In this episode, John asks Chris listener questions on all things voice, including such topics as: Vowels in different languages and dialects The under-vowel Balanced compression Singing when sick Chris is one of the leading voice teachers in the UK and his…

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Episode 85 – Knowing What to Work On, Part 1

Knowing what to work on in the practice room can be confusing. How do you know if you are focusing on the right aspects of your voice? In this first of a two-part interview, John is joined by Chris Johnson (of the fantastic Naked Vocalist podcast) to discuss how to analyze the voice and discover…

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Episode 84 – Dealing With Vocal Overwhelm

Overwhelm is as close as the phone in your pocket, where there is a never-ending parade of vocal distractions to pull at your attention. Countless vocal methods, YouTube videos, courses, online discussion and arguments – it can leave you trying to do everything (and ultimately, nothing) at once. In this episode, John discusses how to…

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Episode 83 – What Is Placement?

“Placement” is a term that often confuses singers: How do I place the voice? What is the right placement for my voice? Is there a lever to move my voice forward and back? What does this even mean? In this episode, John goes through the proper use of placement, and how to control these sensory…

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Episode 82 – The Danger of One Opinion

One of the main reasons for singers to stop is painful criticism. The opinion usually comes from a person of authority, someone they respected – a choir director in childhood, a less than kind voice teacher, or an industry professional, such as a producer. One opinion causing years, sometimes decades to be lost. In this…

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Episode 81 – Don’t Lose the Joy

Developing technical mastery of your vocal instrument is a life-long project of dedication and determination. However, hyper-focusing on technique can cause us to lose touch with the pure joy of singing. In this episode, John talks about keeping the passion for singing alive while continuing to gain technical ability. EPISODE LINKS: Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy…

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Episode 80 – Using Your Vocal Crowbar

For every singer, there are frustrating areas of the voice we just can’t seem to conquer. The is where your vocal “crowbar” can be your best tool for solving stubborn issues. By discovering and utilizing your vocal crowbar, you can start eliminating these singing problems quickly and effectively.

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Episode 79 – On Being a Beginner

Learning any new skill can be daunting, but the voice has levels of complexity that make it a unique challenge. The fine-tuning and coordination of muscles and energies we scarcely feel (or feel in illusory ways) can confuse and discourage the beginning singer (as well as the more experienced). In this episode, John breaks down…

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Episode 78 – Dealing with Discouragement

We all have bad days as singers. We can even have extended periods of voice issues that seem never to end. These setbacks can create feelings of discouragement that pull us from the path of improvement. In this episode, John discusses how to bounce back from these difficult days and how you can quickly get…

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