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Episode 200 – How to Listen to Yourself

Although most people are uncomfortable listening to their recorded voice, singers need to constantly listen to and analyze their singing. In this episode, John discusses how to incorporate self-recordings into your
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Episode 199 – Are You Experienced?

There is only so much we can read and study about a physical skill. At some point, you need to establish the sensations and balances in your nervous system and
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Episode 198 – Embracing Change

Change is inevitable but rarely easy. In our current turbulent times, change is accelerating at a breakneck and often frightening pace. In this episode, John discusses how change can be positive
Performance Anxiety Coach, Ingela Onstad

Episode 195 – Performance Anxiety Coach, Ingela Onstad

The pandemic has allowed some industries to thrive while nearly wiping out others. Performance has been hit especially hard, creating a long struggle for singers. In this episode, John talks with performance
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Episode 194 – Working With Great Musicians

As you progress in your singing, you will likely start to interact with better musicians. Higher-level musicians will listen to and interact with you differently than novice players. At the same
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Episode 193 – Avoiding Binary Thinking

Our current world has many of us retreating to us vs. them, binary thinking. This attitude can creep into our views of singing and technique, which can blind us to
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Episode 191 – Beyond Technique

Vocal technique is a vital skill, but it can also become a trap, leaving singers frustrated and less connected with their performances. In this episode, John discusses getting beyond technique to