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John Henny shares his vocal tips and techniques in his Intelligent Vocalist podcast.

Episode 116 – Guarding Your Attention

There is much current discussion of social media sites compiling your private data – but that’s not what they want to steal from you. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube….what they want is your attention – the very fabric of your life experience. In this episode, John discusses the battle for your attention and how to guard your…

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Episode 115 – Becoming a Voice-Over Artist

Working in voice over used to be a very select group of people in major metropolitan areas. Now, the internet has created new opportunities for singers. Liz Hill is a gifted vocalist and voice artist who has built a thriving voice-over business from home. In this episode, John and Liz discuss how to prepare and…

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Episode 114 – The Perfectionist Trap

We all want to create our best work, reaching for an ideal. But when we attempt to attain “perfection,” we can often end up spinning our wheels, afraid to show our creative work to the public. In this episode, John discusses how you can avoid the perfectionist trap and get your voice, songs, and teaching…

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Episode 113 – What to Think About While Singing

Singing is such a high-level skill that it can be a struggle to know what to think about or focus on. In this episode, John breaks down the different levels of mental focus, from the practice room to the stage to help you get clarity of mind when singing.

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Episode 112 – Absolutes in Singing

Learning about the voice can be a confusing journey, especially online. Teachers will tell you to “always” do one thing and “never” do another and why other methods and instruction are “wrong.” Much like our current political climate, nuance is often left wanting as more extreme arguments are better able to cut through the clutter…

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Episode 111 – Natalie Weiss Interview

Natalie Weiss is a gifted vocal educator, as well as an amazing singer and performer. Her popular YouTube channel is a must-watch for singers. In this interview, Natalie gives us insights into her own vocal development, as well as how to learn to riff, prepare for performances, and how to get the sensations of singing…

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Episode 110 – Sensation Based Singing

It’s not enough to understand your voice – you must feel it in a knowing and precise way. Cataloging all the various sensations of pitch, vowel, color, and intensity is a large part of becoming a masterful singer. In this episode, John discusses the sensations of singing and how you can develop a greater awareness…

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Episode 109 – The Business of Singing

The recent bio picks of Queen and Elton John share a common villain – the music business. Record labels and managers are shown at odds with the creative spirit. But without these business people, we likely would have never heard the music of these great artists. In this episode, John discusses why you need to…

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Episode 108 – Performance Mistakes

Making the jump from the practice room to the stage can be a bit nervewracking. It is common for these jitters to affect your performance in ways you might not be aware of. In this episode, John discusses some of the most common performance mistakes and how to make your connection with your audience focused…

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Episode 107 – Great Singers Steal!

“Good composers borrow, great ones steal.” Igor Stravinsky In light of the recent Katy Perry – Dark Horse lawsuit, it would seem copyright enforcement has run amok. But borrowing from great artists has been a long tradition in music, and great singers certainly “steal” from other singers. In this episode, John discusses why you need…

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