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John Henny shares his vocal tips and techniques in his Intelligent Vocalist podcast.

Episode 157 – Brute Force Learning

Brute force learning is a concept taken from computing. The idea is to approach a problem or area of learning from multiple angles. With singing, it can be highly beneficial to get a wide array of sources to increase your understanding and skill. In this episode, John discusses how brute force learning has helped him…

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Episode 156 – Within and Without

The poet, David Whyte, has a beautiful poem entitled, The Bell and the Blackbird. The verse speaks of the pull to deep inner work and the contrasting pull to take our wares to the outside world. This contrast is a constant pull for the artist – how much more do I need to practice? Am…

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Episode 155 – The Acoustics of Belting

Belting is the high-wire act of singing. To vocalize intense high notes while not falling into vocal stress and shouting requires a precise balancing of resonances. In this episode, John discusses the acoustic aspect of belting, to help you better navigate this sought after vocal skill.

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Episode 154 – Singing on Tour with Mindy Pack

Mindy Pack is a leading celebrity voice teacher who is steeped in the latest voice science. In this episode, Mindy gives her best advice for staying healthy on the road, as well as her approach to straw-based phonation. EPISODE LINKS: Mindy’s Website Voice Straw

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Episode 153 – The Top Ten Episodes of 2019

2019 was a year of explosive growth for The Intelligent Vocalist. The monthly downloads have tripled in just the past 12 months alone. John looks back at this past year and recaps the ten most popular episodes. EPISODE LINKS: Dr. Reena Gupta

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Episode 152 – How to Sing In Tune

Singing in tune is an essential skill for singers (autotune aside).  If you struggle with pitch, you may think you are tone deaf (don’t worry, it’s very rare), but you may be a bit tone shy. In this episode, John discusses effective ways to build your ear and the ability to match pitch and sing…

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Episode 151 – Mind and Heart with Voice Science Works

We all want pure emotion in singing, but we also need to control and analyze our instrument to effectively deliver this emotion. How do we find a balance? In this episode, John once again welcomes Laurel Irene and David Harris of Voice Science Works to discuss how they fuse the mind and heart, as well…

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Episode 150 – Struggling to Find Mixed Voice?

Mix singing is a key way to move smoothly through your vocal range. However, this skill is often misunderstood and tricky to develop. In this episode, John discusses some of the common problems singers have when developing their mix and ways you can break through to a seamless voice.

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Episode 149 – Finding Essential Resonance

Resonance is the essential “polish” of your voice. Balanced resonance will make your voice shine and sparkle. Resonance is also crucial in balancing and blending through your vocal registers.  In this episode, John discusses how to find and enhance your awareness and control of essential resonance, helping you to find your best voice. EPISODE LINKS:…

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Episode 148 – The Power of Clarity

Without a clear vision of why we sing and where we want to go, it can be all too easy to wander off the path of daily vocal improvement. In this episode, John discusses how clarity can help you find a laser focus to take you to your vocal goals.

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