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Episode 233 – Singing Without a Head

"On Having No Head" by Douglas Harding is a short, concise book that shows a simple method to finding states of open awareness and flow. This state of lowered self-awareness is
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Episode 231: The Importance of Emotion

International Performing Artist, Coach & Founder of Singing Revealed, Philippe Hall, calls "Emotional Layering" - the Most Neglected Skill in Singing. Not only does Emotional Layering connect you with your listener, but
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Episode 230 – Vocal Acoustics Made Simple

Vocal acoustics is one of the most confusing yet important parts of singing. In this episode, John gives you the essential knowledge you need to understand this crucial element of your
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Episode 229 – Working with Other Musicians

The world of the working musician is competitive, and the best singer does not always get the job. You need to be a top-level professional in both skills and attitude. James Eager
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Episode 228 – Mindset for Advanced Singing

There comes a period in a singer's development where the mind becomes the challenge rather than the voice. Reaching the highest levels requires a mindset that is quite different from the
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Episode 226 – Five Misconceptions About Singing

Both professional and amateur singers have misconceptions about singing. From breathing to belting, misconceptions can lead singers down rocky paths. In this episode, John discusses his top five vocal misconceptions and how