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Episode 187 – Beginning Singing

No matter your level of experience, it's always a good idea to revisit the fundamentals. In this episode, John discusses his brand new book, Beginning Singing, and his approach to the
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Episode 186 – The Advancing Voice

With most high-level skills, the better you get, the harder it can seem to improve. In this episode, John discusses what to expect as you become more advanced and how to
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Episode 185 – Dealing with Life’s Bad Beats

In her book, The Biggest Bluff, author, and psychologist Maria Konnikova takes a year off from writing to learn poker. In 12 short months, she goes from complete novice to
artistic decisions

Episode 184 – Artistic Decisions

There are so many decisions that go into a creative project. Knowing when something is good enough without getting stuck in the perfectionist trap can be incredibly hard to discern. In
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Epsiode 183 – Only Done Counts

When tackling a larger project, such as writing a song or reaching a vocal goal, it is all too easy to falter just before the finish line. After the initial inspiration
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Episode 182 – Inner and Outer Singing

There can be two planes of focus when singing. The inner is on physical adjustments - the breath, vocal fold resistance, etc. Outer focus is on the results - a brighter
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Episode 181 – Sing Like, Don’t Sound Like

Great singers are a fantastic source of inspiration, but the temptation to copy them can leave our singing struggling for originality. In this episode, John discusses how to breakdown your favorite
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Episode 179 – You Never Land

Goals can give us focus and direction, but they can also cause us to miss new paths and opportunities. In this episode, John discusses why goals can be an illusion, how