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John Henny shares his vocal tips and techniques in his Intelligent Vocalist podcast.

Episode 96 – The Key to Vocal Power

Maximum Flow Declination Rate (MFDR) is not something often discussed by singers (or even voice teachers) but it is an important part of having a powerful voice. In this episode, John explains what MFDR is and how best to develop safe and healthy vocal power. EPISODE LINKS: OHNI Vocal Masterclass Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy OOVO…

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Episode 95 – Beware the Gap

We all have a future ideal self we strive towards – the singer we will someday hope to be. But staying focused on this ideal can often cause us to become discouraged, as it seems so far away and, at times, unattainable. In this episode, John discusses how best to measure your progress to keep…

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Episode 94 – In Praise of Consonants

In singing, the vowel is “all-important” while consonants are often relegated to bits of noise that must be negotiated around. But consonants not only give us understandable language – they are the rhythmic drivers of music, containing a whole world of expressive possibilities. In this episode, John delves into making consonants an important part of…

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Episode 93 – Essential Rhythm for Singers

Rhythm and sense of time are not the first things singers tend to work on, yet they are vitally important music skills. Developing a great sense of time and a feel for accurate rhythmic subdivision should be high on the list for every singer. In this episode, John gives some of his favorite exercises for…

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Episode 92 – Common Exercise Mistakes

How do you know if you are doing the right exercise, or if you are doing it properly? An exercise that’s good for one voice may not be so good for another. In this episode, John delves into the common mistakes he sees singers make with vocal exercises.

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Episode 91 – Effective Straw Warmups

Using a straw to warm-up the voice is extremely efficient and effective. The straw provides changes in backpressure and acoustics that make it easier to find vocal balance and stability. In this episode, John explains how best to utilize the straw in your vocal routine. Show Links: Straw Warmup Course (Free)

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Episode 90 – Understanding High, Intense Belt

High, intense belt is one of the most thrilling types of contemporary singing, and it is a highly prized skill amongst singers. However, belt is also one of the most potentially damaging vocal styles, if not done properly. In this episode, John discusses the mechanics of belt singing and how it can be done in…

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Episode 89 – Everything You Know is Wrong

A quick way to garner attention, especially online, is to develop a rebellious, contrarian stance against the “establishment.” In the world of voice, there are debates launched, proclaiming certain ideas or techniques to be “completely wrong.” This can create a lot of confusion for the singer, especially when something they have studied is dismissed. In…

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Episode 88 – Vocal Q&A with Dr. Reena Gupta, Part 2

Voice specialist, Dr. Reena Gupta joins John for Vocal Q&A part 2. In this episode, Reena discuses: The effects of marijuana and alcohol on the voice The essential partnership of the voice teacher and doctor Steroid use for the voice Vocal fry And much more! This is another MUST-LISTEN episode for all professional voice users!…

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Episode 87 – Vocal Health Q&A with Dr. Reena Gupta, Part 1

Reena Gupta

Dr. Reena Gupta is one of the leading ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors in Los Angeles. Dr. Gupta specializes in professional voice users, including celebrity singers. Dr. Gupta joins John in the studio to answer your voice questions, including: When should you see an ENT? What should voice teachers listen for in singer’s voices?…

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