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John Henny shares his vocal tips and techniques in his Intelligent Vocalist podcast.

Episode 137 – The Voice of Your Mind

Voice of your mind

A great voice is the product of great thoughts. The delicate balances of singing require precise thoughts to control the many muscles involved in the process. In this episode, John discusses the importance of a clear, focused mind, and how to approach thought in your practice and performance. EPISODE LINKS John Henny YouTube Channel Episode…

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Episode 136 – Being Too Careful

It takes work and dedication to learn to mix and blend through the vocal break. It also requires a period of being very careful to establish the new balanced in the voice. The problem is when the singer gets stuck in this particular place, afraid to sing more openly and robustly. In this episode, John…

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Episode 135 – A Voice Lesson from Bruce Lee

“Research your own experience. Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.” – Bruce Lee Bruce Lee’s quest to fuse the martial arts in his way still inspires. His philosophies are also applicable to the art of singing. In this episode, John discusses how to adapt and apply Lee’s…

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Episode 134 – Mind Your Tongue

The tongue is a critical part of good, balanced singing, but our awareness can often be lacking. In this episode, John discusses why tongue placement helps with registration and balance, and how to control the tongue when belting high, strong notes. EPISODE LINKS Boldly Belting Episode Transcript Episode 134 – Mind Your Tongue Hey there,…

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Episode 133 – Why Are You Practicing?

The repetition of practice can often lead to unfocused and “mindless” sessions. The question “why?” is a great way to filter and focus your efforts and awareness and to get better results from your efforts. In this episode, John explores the power of knowing why you are practicing. Episode Transcript Episode 133 – Why Are…

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Episode 132 – Mindfulness and Singing

Mindfulness is becoming extremely popular, and for good reason. The scientific consensus is that meditation has concrete benefits, including increased focus, awareness, and brain function. The ability to direct your focus is one of the cornerstones of mindful meditation, and the practical applications for singers are immense. In this episode, John discusses how to begin…

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Episode 131 – Listen to the Music

Singing is such a mind intensive endeavor that it is easy to ignore the richness of information around us. The music we are singing over is full of clues and instructions to help us deliver fantastically musical performances – but we need to listen. In this episode, John discusses the cues embedded in the music…

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Episode 130 – What Makes a Great Voice Teacher?

There endless debates about what makes a great voice teacher – celebrity clients, excellent singing voice, scientific expertise, the list goes on. In this episode, John draws on his years of experience training hundreds of voice teachers to discuss the traits he finds in exceptional teachers. Episode Transcript Episode 130 – What Makes a Great…

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Episode 129 – So You Had a Bad Performance

No one enjoys giving a bad vocal performance – but it happens to us all. The aftermath of failing onstage can be devastating, but there are great lessons to be learned from a less than perfect performance. In this episode, John discusses how to recover and improve from your vocal disasters. Episode Transcript Episode 129…

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Episode 128 – Practice Less, Improve More

We all have 24 hours in a day, and the time we can take out of this limited resource for practicing is precious. Inspired by James Schramko’s bestselling book, Work Less, Make More, John applies this concept to practice sessions. Learn John’s best tips for getting real results from your practice sessions so you can…

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