What Causes a Nasal Sounding Voice?

A nasal sound in singing could result from the singer wanting to add a particular color or tone to their singing. It could also be more pronounced due to a
Words "Back to Basics" pinned on a board

Episode 271 – Getting Back to Basics

In this episode, John talks about how breaking down your vocal study to the core elements and getting back to basics can solidify fundamental vocal techniques and essentially lead to
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Your Path to Better Singing

Whether you are a beginner singer or an established professional vocalist, this topic will come up throughout one's vocal journey: "How to get better at singing."Putting all of the pieces
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Episode 269 – If Not Now, When?

In this episode, John talks about our relationship with time and how to re-evaluate where we are with our singing to then be able to take steps to reach our
Aliki Katriou singing on stage

Episode 268 – Extreme Vocals with Aliki Katriou

In this episode, John talks with Aliki Katriou, who has extensive knowledge of classical technique, and contemporary styles and is world-renowned for her expertise with "extreme" vocals, about what singing
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Episode 267 – Listen to Your Body

In this episode, John talks about the importance of listening to your body and your singing voice to recognize when you need to take a step back to rest or
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Episode 266 – Singing with an Open Throat

In this episode, John talks about what is meant by singing with an "open throat" and how to approach this vocal technique with balance in mind. Episode Highlights:  How
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Episode 265 – The Mind Game of Singing

In this episode, John talks about how singing is not just about mastering vocal techniques but also about mastering our mindset. Episode Highlights: There is more to singing than