Words "Back to Basics" pinned on a board

Episode 271 – Getting Back to Basics

In this episode, John talks about how breaking down your vocal study to the core elements and getting back to basics can solidify fundamental vocal techniques and essentially lead to
A microphone in a vocal booth

Episode 264 – Preparing to Practice

In this episode, John talks about setting yourself up for effective singing practice.  Episode Highlights: Create a schedule for your practice - it can be a ritual  How long
The word solution and music notes

Episode 263 – Hidden Vocal Problems

In this episode, John talks about how vocal imbalances can creep into our singing and how we sometimes have to dig a little deeper to find these imbalances to be
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Episode 261 – How Breathing Works

In this episode, John talks about what is actually going on during breathing for singing and how understanding the process of breath support can help you in your search to
Daniel Formica with a guitar

Episode 258 – Support with Daniel Formica

In this episode, John talks with Daniel Formica, a world-class performer, and vocal coach, about "support" in singing. Episode highlights: What is support? How connection is the key How to recognize
Paper with the word "goals"

Episode 248 – Creative Goals and Success

In this episode, John talks with Tracee Theisen-Henny about setting goals, accountability, and how to break through overwhelm to be a "productive creative." Episode Highlights: The new year can be stressful