How to Sing

Singing can be intimidating to learn, but if you're willing to put in some time and effort, you can improve at any age or skill level. Knowing where to start
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The Difference Between Range And Tessitura

When searching for new songs, singers will often look at the lowest and highest notes to see if they fall into a comfortable range.The vocal range refers to the tonal
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Episode 281 – Beware This Vocal Tip

In this episode, John talks about vocal tip trends in social media and the risks of using these tips without foundation in vocal technique fundamentals.  Episode Highlights:  Navigating vocal
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Episode 276 – The Power of Humility

In this episode, John talks about how humility and accepting the twists and turns in life and our singing journeys will help us to grow and experience more. Episode Highlights: There
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Episode 271 – Getting Back to Basics

In this episode, John talks about how breaking down your vocal study to the core elements and getting back to basics can solidify fundamental vocal techniques and essentially lead to
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Episode 264 – Preparing to Practice

In this episode, John talks about setting yourself up for effective singing practice.  Episode Highlights: Create a schedule for your practice - it can be a ritual  How long
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Episode 263 – Hidden Vocal Problems

In this episode, John talks about how vocal imbalances can creep into our singing and how we sometimes have to dig a little deeper to find these imbalances to be