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Episode 248 – Creative Goals and Success

In this episode, John talks with Tracee Theisen-Henny about setting goals, accountability, and how to break through overwhelm to be a "productive creative." Episode Highlights: The new year can be stressful
Chris Johnson Vocal Coach

Episode 244 – Vocal Articulation with Chris Johnson

In this episode, John talks with internationally recognized voice teacher and mentor Chris Johnson about the importance of articulation in singing. Episode Highlights: How different sounds can become troublesome for a
Karyn O'Connor Voice Coach

Episode 242 – Breathing for Singing with Karyn O’Connor

In this episode, John talks with renowned singing teacher, Karyn O'Connor, about the most effective techniques for breathing. For more information about Karyn O'Connor visit Episode highlights: 2:38 - How is breathing
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Episode 230 – Vocal Acoustics Made Simple

Vocal acoustics is one of the most confusing yet important parts of singing. In this episode, John gives you the essential knowledge you need to understand this crucial element of your
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Episode 226 – Five Misconceptions About Singing

Both professional and amateur singers have misconceptions about singing. From breathing to belting, misconceptions can lead singers down rocky paths. In this episode, John discusses his top five vocal misconceptions and how