Aliki Katriou singing on stage

Episode 268 – Extreme Vocals with Aliki Katriou

In this episode, John talks with Aliki Katriou, who has extensive knowledge of classical technique, and contemporary styles and is world-renowned for her expertise with "extreme" vocals, about what singing
Photo of woman yelling

Episode 236 – Am I Straining?

In this episode, John discusses what vocal strain is and the difference between vocal intensity and strain. As singers develop and work towards auditions and performance they have to ask for
Microphone and straws

Episode 235 – The Great Straw Debate

Straw phonation can be an excellent warm-up and can help a singer find vocal balance, but at the same time, it should be used within reason as a tool but
illustration of the throat

Episode 223 – Controlling Your Larynx

If you have spent any time learning to sing, you know the larynx can be incredibly difficult to control. There's also the question of how high or low should the larynx
Young boy creating music notes with a magic wand

Easy Exercises to Add Lower Range

High notes are incredibly exciting and get the most attention, but beautifully vibrant low notes add color, depth, and variety to your singing. Think of Adele without her wonderful low chest voice.Extending
Photo of Doctor Shannon Coates

Episode 216 – Vocal Pedagogy with Shannon Coates

Shannon Coates is not only a brilliant educator, she is also down-to-earth, funny, and delivers high-level concepts with easy-to-understand language. In this episode, John and Shannon discuss practical voice pedagogy and