Chris Johnson Vocal Coach

Episode 244 – Vocal Articulation with Chris Johnson

In this episode, John talks with internationally recognized voice teacher and mentor Chris Johnson about the importance of articulation in singing. Episode Highlights: How different sounds can become troublesome for a
Karyn O'Connor Voice Coach

Episode 242 – Breathing for Singing with Karyn O’Connor

In this episode, John talks with renowned singing teacher, Karyn O'Connor, about the most effective techniques for breathing. For more information about Karyn O'Connor visit Episode highlights: 2:38 - How is breathing
Microphone and straws

Episode 235 – The Great Straw Debate

Straw phonation can be an excellent warm-up and can help a singer find vocal balance, but at the same time, it should be used within reason as a tool but
Illustration of text book

Episode 230 – Vocal Acoustics Made Simple

Vocal acoustics is one of the most confusing yet important parts of singing. In this episode, John gives you the essential knowledge you need to understand this crucial element of your
illustration of the throat

Episode 223 – How to Control Your Larynx

If you have spent any time learning to sing, you know the larynx can be incredibly difficult to control. There’s also the question of how high or low the larynx should
phonation for singing

Episode 167 – Phonation for Singing

Phonation is the act of creating sound waves from the vocal folds. While we phonate naturally in speech, singing requires a higher level of awareness and control. In this episode, John
acoustics of belting

Episode 155 – The Acoustics of Belting

Belting is the high-wire act of singing. To vocalize intense high notes while not falling into vocal stress and shouting requires a precise balancing of resonances. In this episode, John discusses