Liz Hill

Episode 290 – Working With Producers With Liz Hill

In this episode, John talks with professional vocalist and voice-over artist Liz Hill about navigating session work and how to work with producers.  Episode Highlights: Challenges that can come
Words "theory and practice" on a calk board

Episode 288 – Theory Vs. Practice

In this episode, John talks about the importance of taking the knowledge and theory you have learned and putting it into practice in various settings, not just in the rehearsal
Woman walking with guitar

Episode 286 – You Alone Are Responsible

In this episode, John talks about why you and you alone are responsible for your voice. By understanding and acknowledging all aspects of your voice, strengths, and weaknesses, you can
Jeremy Ryan Mossman standing on a deck

Episode 284 – Fascia With Jeremy Ryan Mossman

In this episode, John talks with voice teacher Jeremy Ryan Mossman about our body's "fascia" and how it relates to our singing. Episode Highlights: What is fascia? How fascia actually can
Woman looking at an hour glass in her hand

Episode 282 – Four Thousand Weeks

In this episode, John talks about managing your time and the choices you will have to make regarding your singing career to be able to reach your goals efficiently. Episode
Girl with megaphone

Episode 281 – Beware This Vocal Tip

In this episode, John talks about vocal tip trends in social media and the risks of using these tips without foundation in vocal technique fundamentals.  Episode Highlights:  Navigating vocal
Rob Diets and his book A Cappella 101

Episode 280 – A Cappella 101 With Rob Dietz

In this episode, John talks with arranger, vocal percussionist, and author Rob Dietz about his latest book, "A Cappella 101," and how vocal techniques and an understanding of how your