Singers – The Bruno Challenge Awaits



Being a bit of an Anglophile, my current favorite chat show is The Graham Norton Show from the UK. Bruno Mars recently gave this performance on Graham’s show:

I have since watched this many times, constantly struck by how great it is.

I also realized this is the bar that you must aspire to and even surpass if you want a career as a recording artist.

There are always limits to resources, whether it be the record label or the audience.

If a label is going to sign and promote you, they are moving resources that can be utilized by established artists.  Resources of money, attention, etc. are all finite.

The audience will have to turn its attention away from artists like Mars to listen to you.  They have only so much time and money to go to live shows or download music, why should they pick yours?

If you have a few minutes to watch the video, pay attention to Mars’ stage presence, his seasoned interaction with his band, his perfectly suited pop vocals and just how damn good the song itself is.

This is your competition for label attention and the eyes and ears of the audience.  Why should I watch your YouTube video when there is this level of excellence available?

In boxing, a tie will generally go to the champion, that’s one of the perks.  Music is often the same – you must surpass everything that is out there if you want a chance to be heard.

“Call Me Maybe” instantly grabbed attention from everything else that was playing last summer.  Carly Rae Jepson beat the established stars with that record.

What are you currently doing to reach that level?  Is your voice the best it can be?  Do you have performance chops and amazing songs?

If not, you need to start now.  You need to be better than even Bruno Mars.