What Causes a Nasal Sounding Voice?

A nasal sound in singing could result from the singer wanting to add a particular color or tone to their singing. It could also be more pronounced due to a
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How Do I Cure My Morning Voice?

Morning voice is a common problem for singers. After a night of sleep, your voice pitch can tend to sound raspy and deeper. Although we all experience a croaky hoarse
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What Causes Singing Strain or Pain?

A sore throat from singing will strike fear in most singers, and for a good reason. Feeling irritation, strain, or pain during or after singing can be the signs of
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Lip Trills – Vocal Warmup

A very popular warm-up exercise is the "lip trill" or the "lip bubble." This is an excellent vocal exercise for all levels of singers to gently warm up the voice
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Your Path to Better Singing

Whether you are a beginner singer or an established professional vocalist, this topic will come up throughout one's vocal journey: "How to get better at singing."Putting all of the pieces
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Healthy Belt Singing

Belting can certainly strike fear into the hearts of singers and voice teachers alike. Improper belting keeps many a voice doctor in business, so unless you enjoy being scoped and
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How to Hit High Notes

Get Ready for High Notes!So you want to hit the high notes. But you don't just want to "hit the high notes." You want to be able to sing these
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Vocal Vibrato and How to Develop It

What is Vocal Vibrato? Vocal vibrato is the oscillation of a singer's vocal cords that creates a smooth pleasing variation in pitch, and it can be used to add interest, color,