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How Voice Teacher Certification Works

As a voice teacher, a question you may get from prospective students is "what certification do you have?" (or "what school did you go to?"). The reality is that many
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Develop Your Mix Quickly and Easily

Mix has become a holy grail for singers, promising all sorts of vocal "miracles," including extended range, more power, less strain, better tone, and the elimination of the nemesis of
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How The Vocal Cords Work For Singing

The voice is a musical instrument, just like a guitar or violin. But rather than wood and steel, we have muscle, ligament and tissue. Knowledge of the parts and function of
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Start Your Singing Teacher Journey

A career as a voice teacher is inspiring and rewarding. There are near unlimited possibilities, from working with children to teens in musical theatre to touring with superstar performers.It can
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The Difference Between Range and Tessitura

When searching to find new songs, singers will often look at the lowest and highest notes to see if they fall into a comfortable range.The vocal range refers to the tonal distance of notes
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How Do I Cure My Morning Voice?

Morning voice is a common problem for singers.  After a night of sleep, your voice can sound raspy and deeper. Although we all experience a croaky voice in the morning, there are
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Simple Exercises For Finding Singing Resonance

One of the significant challenges of singing is that it is sensation based, especially vocal resonance. The sensations of vocal resonance can be tricky as they are not easy for
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Finding Your Vocal Path

We've all heard a version of the serenity prayer - asking for the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change what we can and the

Great Singer = Great Voice Teacher?

Do you agree with this statement: Not all great singers are great teachers, but all great teachers are great singers. Would seem to make sense, right? The general public appears to believe it.
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Habits For Being More Productive

I am being asked more and more how I manage to produce what some seem to think is a significant amount of content. To be honest I am trying to become