Great Singers Great Voice Teachers

Great Singer = Great Voice Teacher?

Do you agree with this statement: Not all great singers are great teachers, but all great teachers are great singers. Would seem to make sense, right? The general public appears to believe it.
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Habits For Being More Productive

I am being asked more and more how I manage to produce what some seem to think is a significant amount of content. To be honest I am trying to become
humidity and your singing voice

Humidity and Your Singing Voice

Don't Let Your Voice Dry Out Every singer has experienced this:  you keep drinking water and yet your throat feels constantly dry.  This can be caused by low humidity levels in
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Three Ways To Have Better Voice Lessons

Doing prep work and getting in the proper frame of mind can turn a good voice lesson into a great one, or even into a major vocal breakthrough. These magic lessons
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Voice Lessons and Sexual Harassment

Voice Teachers and Sexual Harassment It took me a long time to write this article. I suppose I’m a bit hesitant to shine a light on a dark little corner of
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Is Your Voice Teacher a Stalker?

Not a stalker in the boil-your-pet-rabbit-on-the-stove sense, but in pressuring you to study with them and only them. I’ve seen it before, voice teachers using the authority and trust given by
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A Common Singing Mistake

By now, most singers and voice teachers know that taking the lower register too high, or “pulling chest” is wrong.  It limits range and can cause a host of vocal
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One Secret of Vowel Modification

Of course, there are no secrets, just concepts not everyone is aware of - but the title got you here, didn’t it? Here’s my not really secret revelation: Vowels are different
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7 Reasons Your Singing Is Not Improving – COPY

WHY YOU’RE NOT GETTING BETTERYou’ve got a shelf full of singing books, a popular singing CD course and you practice regularly.  You might even be taking private lessons, yet you