Don’t Interrupt the Flow

Hey there, this is John Henny and on today’s vocal tip I want to talk about Why You Don’t Want To Interrupt The Flow.

When we are singing, we are engaged in a balancing act of sorts. We have all different types of resonances and resistance to the air, etc. And this frankly makes singing kind of difficult. 

So when you are in the act of singing, when you are creating sound waves, and you are filtering them with your resonators to get the right tone, as you move from word to word and note to note, you want to diminish the amount of change between each new event. If you jump to a new note and it’s a new word and you make those changes too big, it will tend to throw you off your balance. So what you want to do is make those changes as small as possible. 

That means finding similarities in the vowels, so you’re not just going from the narrow vowel to a very wide vowel. Don’t make that obvious. Make the vowels closer to each other. You should take consonants and diminish them a little bit. So if you’ve got a hard B or P sound, you don’t hit that too hard, which throws you out of the flow. That you don’t take too many breaths. That you don’t suddenly get louder. 

Everything you do that changes the flow of singing makes it more difficult. So stay in the flow, find the similarities between each word and note and your singing will thank you for it. 

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