Hey there, this is John Henny and on today’s vocal tip, I want to talk about not liking the sound of your own voice titles.

As a voice teacher, I’ve heard it many times, I don’t like the sound of my own voice and part of the reason is we don’t hear ourselves the way others do. So when we hear ourselves on a recording, it can be rather shocking, that can’t be me. 

But what’s happening is we actually hear sound differently in that the sound waves are traveling away from us and the high frequencies in the voice especially and higher notes we don’t hear as well because those are really shooting away from us and we’re maybe only hearing direction, reflections. And then also we hear a certain amount of sound through the bone, but the bone doesn’t conduct high frequencies as well. 

So the voice can sound rather odd and muffled on higher notes when we’re singing and when we hear them back, it sounds nothing like we would expect. So the first part is you have to get used to how your voice sounds. The second part is, you can always make your voice sound better. If you don’t like the tone of your voice, that’s very often a matter of just getting control of the resonance, how you shape the vowel, and that’s going to control the color and tone of your voice. All of this can be improved. 

I recommend studying with a good teacher but you can work on this on your own as well. Just get a little bit of knowledge on how voice acoustics work, and how vowels will adjust your tone and you can be well on your way. 

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