We all have something to offer, and it's important to recognize the value of each person's contribution. Everyone has something that can be taken away from any given situation, whether it's a skill, an idea, or a kind word. Taking something from everyone is a great way to learn new things and build relationships with those around us.

In this episode of The Intelligent Vocalist podcast, John Henny shares with us the beauty of taking something from everyone and seeing things from other people's perspectives. Please keep your hearts and minds open as you read this article to learn more about how important it is to take something from everyone.

Watching Over Our Own Superiority

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We often feel a strange sense of superiority when we have new knowledge. We either immediately feel like there is no other way to do it but the way we have just learned it, or we look down on those who didn't have the knowledge even though we didn't have it forty-eight hours prior.

Often, we overlook that our knowledge is limited and facts constantly evolve. The same track that we used to despise can become our most-loved tune one day. Our tendency to disregard new evidence which challenges our beliefs is part of human nature, so we should be mindful of our sense of superiority.

Stop Dismissing Ideas

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It's easy to dismiss ideas that don't fit our own beliefs or opinions. Still, it's important to remember that everyone has something valuable to offer. Instead of immediately dismissing an idea, take the time to consider it and look at it from a different perspective.

John urged his listeners to not dismiss people out of hand. It's a very tricky move at the beginning of anyone's voice journey. He acknowledges that this could be overwhelming since there are so many sources of information these days. While it's one of the benefits of diversity, many of these concepts appear to be contradictory in some respects.

There is No Single "Right Path"

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When ideas appear to contradict each other, we often find ourselves seeking "the right way" or "that one path." But there is no particular path. In fact, there are a lot of courses.

We might watch YouTube videos where teachers often attack other schools of thought. They would disagree with other teachers' systems of singing and propose that they know the right way to achieve our vocal goals.

Can you imagine if you hear all vocal coaches say that they know the only path to be successful in your vocal journey? Who would you believe?

So, as John said in the podcast, there is nothing every other voice teacher is wrong about. "Vocal trolls," as he calls them, tear apart another teacher and debunk other models and teaching concepts as part of their marketing strategy.

John reminded us that there is something we can learn from everyone, even if it's just one small thing. We can learn from different approaches and combine them to create our own unique style of singing.

Benefits of Taking Something from Everyone

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Taking something from everyone can be incredibly beneficial to our growth as vocalists. Not only does it help us become more open-minded and accepting of different perspectives, but it also allows us to create a unique singing style tailored to our individual needs.

When we take something from everyone, we can learn from different approaches and combine them to create our own identity. John shares some critical benefits of embracing other people's ideas and perspectives.

Guidance of a vocal coach makes it easier to learn.

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We can enjoy their information more if we can find a vocal coach we can rely on, whether they are on YouTube or a podcast. We let them act as our tour guides as they lead us through this breathtakingly beautiful and fantastic landscape of singing.

We can also learn from their mistakes and successes. We can take something from everyone and create our own unique style of singing. We allow ourselves to acknowledge how everyone has something valuable to offer.

You get more and better information.

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As you progress in your journey, you become more open. As you come to better understand the foundations of singing and how the voice works, you put yourself in a position to grow and learn even more.

Put simply, you are getting better at learning how the voice works. The more you understand, the better you will be at knowing what information out there will actually help you progress and get better.

By taking something from everyone, you can also learn how to use your voice in different ways. You can learn how to sing with more power and control or how to create a unique sound that is all your own. You can also learn about vocal health and techniques that will help you protect your voice for years to come.

Vocal lessons become more fruitful social interactions.

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Vocal lessons can be a gratifying experience when we take something from everyone. Not only do we learn more about singing, but we also gain valuable social skills.

We engage in meaningful conversations with our vocal coaches and peers when we take something from everyone. We are able to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss different approaches to singing.

John reminds us to build connections that push us to invest in ourselves in supporting this vocal journey. This helps us build relationships with our vocal coaches and peers, which can significantly benefit our growth as vocalists.

How to Take Something from Everyone

Taking something from everyone can be a great way to expand our knowledge and skills as vocalists. Here's what John said about how we can work on it:

Be Open to Everyone

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John recalled how he used to dismiss Karen Carpenter as a teenager who was into rock and roll. But now, he's just floored by the production of her voice and songwriting. He points out how the songs he now believed as the greatest ever written were the same songs he used to not really like. John teaches us that sometimes you just need to put things aside so you can appreciate them for what they offer.

Be More Discerning

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The second thing John wants us to learn when taking something from everyone is to be more discerning. We do not have to absorb everything we see or hear, but we can always learn from their successes or mistakes. By being more discerning, we are rightfully investing in ourselves and taking something from everyone to help us become better vocalists.


Taking something from everyone is an invaluable skill that can help us become better vocalists. By being open to different perspectives and approaches, we can gain a deeper understanding of our craft and develop our unique style. We can also build meaningful relationships with our vocal coaches and peers, which can greatly benefit our growth as vocalists.

Staying in Touch

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