In this episode, John talks with Tracee Theisen-Henny about her role as an accountability coach for creatives, particularly singers. Tracee emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals, prioritizing tasks, and staying organized to maintain positive momentum. Her approach to accountability coaching is focused on providing truthful and realistic guidance while offering effective encouragement.

Episode highlights:

  • Accountability coaching provides guidance and effective encouragement to help creatives achieve their goals.
  • Feedback and a supportive community are crucial for the success of creative projects.
  • Having a calendar and deadlines can help overcome decision fatigue and resistance.
  • Breaking down big projects into smaller, manageable tasks can prevent overwhelm and increase productivity.

For accountability coaching with Tracee, click on this link below:

 Tracee Accountability Coaching

Or feel free to contact the Front Desk email with questions for Tracee [email protected]

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