Favorite Trick For Developing Vibrato

Hey there, this is John Henny and today I want to give you my Favorite Trick For Developing Vibrato.

If you’re having trouble finding or developing vibrato in your voice, here’s a little trick I like to use with my students. Go ahead and say something as if you are about to get upset, and you get that little nervous quaver in your voice, that little emotion that starts to shake the voice. And now I want you to just see something that’s emotionally charged like home, no, don’t go there. I’m in trouble and start to feel that little shake. Now I want you to take on a little short scale, getting that hyper emotional feeling. 

Do this lower in your range. Go Go, go, go go. And it can help if you shake your hands while you do it. And see if you can get that little bit of A motion to fall to work its way into your voice and to create that little undulation and then take a snapshot of that feeling when it starts to happen. 

That’s vibrato or at least it’s the beginnings of vibrato. 

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