How to Sing In Tune

Hey there, this is John Henny and today I want to talk about Learning To Sing In Tune. 

When first learning to sing,  singing in tune can be a bit of a challenge. And there’s a good reason for that. We have three basic types of muscle in the body, muscle we don’t control like the heart, which is a good thing, if you’re forgetful muscles that we have direct control over, like wiggling our fingers and toes, we’re very aware of that. And then there’s muscle that we control indirectly, like the muscles of the vocal folds. 

The muscles that are responsible for creating pitch and intensity are not within our conscious awareness. So what do we do this kind of abstract idea of controlling the page controlling the intensity? Well, we need stronger thoughts in the brain. We need basically stronger, more well developed signals that come from the brain down Through the nerve and to those muscles. 

So how do you develop that? Well, you can do a very simple exercise, find a piano, you can use one on your your phone or your your computer, just get a keyboard, find some notes that are easily within your range. And what I want you to do is play the note. And then listen, listen closely, then play the note again, listen closely, and then create that pitch in your mind. Imagine yourself seeing that pitch. 

Finally, play the pitch, listen, create, and then seeing the notes. And you will find that at first it will take you a little while and at first you may be a little under or over the pitch but you know what? I bet you’re closer than you’ve been before. And then just randomly go to another comfortable pitch and repeat that. And then when that you start getting pretty good at that, just play the pitch. 

Create it Sing it, and then start playing the pitch, sing it, play the pitch sing it. Now this may take you a week or two. But ultimately you will get very, very fast at that and the signals from your brain to your vocal cords will get nice and strong. And you’re going to stop wandering and trying to find pitch. 

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