Increasing Your Listening Skills

Hey there, this is John Henny and today I want to talk about increasing your listening skills. Okay, singers, the next time you’re stuck in line at the grocery store or similar situation, rather than grabbing your phone and going to social media and wasting that opportunity. I want you to try this. Try and listen. 

For every sound you can hear, see how much you can hear in the environment. Then I want you to pick one sound. It could be somebody talking, three checkout stands away, or the clanking of somebody’s cart going up the aisle and see if you can focus in on that sound to the exclusion of all other sounds. And then open your awareness speak again and try and hear everything and then pick another sound and focus your attention down on that and what you’ll find by doing?

That in these little short bursts when you have an opportunity is your ability to focus and concentrate on what you’re hearing will be improved which is invaluable when in the recording studio when arranging music and when performing with other musicians and singing harmonies. So try that the next time you’re stuck in line. 

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