Muscle Coordinations for High Belt Singing

Hey there, this is John Henny and today I want to talk about the Muscle Coordinations For High Intense Belt Singing. 

When sending high strong notes, we need to balance between two pairs of muscles. We have muscles within the vocal folds themselves, that when flex will make the cords nice and fat and we get those strong low notes. And then we have muscles that pull and stretch the vocal folds and thin them out and we get really high notes. But the muscles that stretch and pull the vocal folds they’ll often be abbreviated as the CT muscles. These muscles the sound will be very light and falsetto ish

Who and the muscles within the fold often abbreviated as the TA muscles. Ha, they make the cords nice and fat. However, when moving from one to the other, ah, we’ll get a vocal break. So how do we get Strong high notes. Well, there’s a bit of a problem, because we need to engage more of the muscles within the vocal folds the TA muscles, but if we over engage her, we’re going to jam up. So how do we engage just enough? What does this look like? Well, think of your fist. If I make a fist, these are my ta muscles engaging think of my hand is the vocal folds, then the CT muscles need to come and pull and stretch for the high notes. But too much Oh, I need to resist Ah, then I can get a stronger high note without a how do you develop that coordination?

Well, if you check out my Intelligent Vocalist podcast, I just did an episode on developing these coordinations. Go to my website you can click on the podcast link and listen to Episode 101. And I’ll give you specific exercises and how to develop this coordination between your TA and your CT muscles. 

We’ll talk soon