Musical Term You Should Know

Hey there singers This is John Henny and today I want to talk about a musical term you should know TESSAtura.

Very often when looking at a song, singers are concerned about the overall range of the song, the lowest to highest note, but you really should be focused on the test tour of a song. Now, of course, the lowest and highest notes are very, very important. And if they are big notes in the song and the high notes out of your range, you may have to adjust the key. 

But the test a tour is not the lowest and highest notes but we’re the majority of notes tend to sit. Now you can have a song that doesn’t have a really high range, but the test a tour all sits up at the top of this range. So you’re constantly singing these higher notes, as opposed to a song with a lower tested tour but maybe a wider range. 

The higher note may be higher than the previous song, the highest note. However, most of the notes tend to sit low throughout the song. And the test tour is where you’re going to be doing most of your singing. You got your loan out and your high note, but where are most of the notes that should really come into your decision making for choosing a key or deciding if this is a song that you want to do? 

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