One Of The Benefits Of Having A Lower Larynx

Hey there, this is John Henny and on today’s vocal tip I want to talk about One Of The Benefits Of Having A Lower Larynx.

Voice teachers often talk about the benefits of a lower larynx. The larynx is that bump right there in front of the neck. It’s Adam’s apple and a guy. It’s basically housing your vocal folds. In a lower position, one of the key benefits is, it’s much harder to over compressor, squeeze your vocal cords. I’ll show you what I mean. Go ahead and give me a really dopey E and then try and squeeze that.

You can, but then give me a higher larynx E and try and squeeze that. It’s very easy. So on that lower larynx, you can’t squeeze and that is really beneficial when you’re first learning to sing through your transitions especially if you’re used to yelling.

Now the downside is if your larynx is too low, you can’t compress the folds enough, but initially, it’s a good idea to keep it a little lower as you are training the voice. 

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