Hey there, this is John Henny and on today’s vocal tip, I want to talk about The Importance Of A Healthy Diet. 

The instrument of the voice is a human instrument, made of human tissue and it responds to so many things: our sleep patterns, our levels of stress, and what we’ve eaten. And you want to avoid certain foods, especially close to bedtime, that are acidic, that can cause the stomach acids to come up and irritate the vocal folds – reflux. 

You want to avoid spicy foods, onions, coffee, wine. I know it’s a drag, but you want to watch what you eat. But you also want to fuel your voice with really healthy food and water-rich food. Fruits and vegetables should be at the very, very top of your list and junk food should be at the very bottom. 

You can’t expect your voice to work at its best when you’re fueling it with garbage. Treat yourself like an athlete would and your voice will thank you for it. 

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