The Power Of Patience

Hey there, this is John Henny and on today’s vocal tip I want to talk about the power of patience.

Singing is a very high-level skill that takes time and it takes time for all of the coordination and the skills to work their way into your voice and also, especially if you are a young singer, then it takes time for your voice to settle and mature to be able to do certain things with your voice. 

So you really need to develop patience. You need to be patient with yourself. You need to be kind to yourself and you need to not try and force this process, you need to stay in the process every day. Having a really good teacher help you through it can be invaluable. 

But you need to know that this is going to take time and if you try and force and push the voice, you can encounter all kinds of problems, from physical problems to also problems within the coordinations because you can develop bad habits when you try and push the voice too fast too soon. 

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Thank you so much. Bye bye.