The single best way to learn singing is YOUR way.

Everyone is different.  Some of us learn singing by feel, some by imitation, others need things explained in great detail.

Your voice teacher should be able to help you learn singing in a number of ways, finding what works best for you.

Learn Singing – Your Teacher’s Skills

Here are some basic skills I believe all voice teachers should have:


  • Being able to vocalize and demonstrate accurately so the student can imitate the correct sound.  Too many teachers are failed singers who neglect their own voices and singing.
  • The ability to accurately hear, diagnose and prescribe the correct exercises and adjustments so the student can feel what vocal balance is.  Teachers all too often work by rote exercises, giving the same scales to everyone without really listening for what the student needs in that particular moment.
  • Knowledge of what is really happening with the vocal cords and the resonators in order to correctly explain to the interested student why they are doing a particular exercise and what the intended result should be.
  • An acute sense of how a student learns and the ability to give them the information in a way that will have an immediate and lasting impact.


As a final note, I believe voice teachers should never dictate how singing should feel to you.  Our job is to get the student into the right balance and let the student put their own words to the accompanying sensations.

Find a voice teacher that is knowledgeable, flexible and focused on your needs and you are well on your way to achieving your vocal goals.