Using Vocal Emphasis to Stylize Your Voice

Hey there, this is John Henny and today I want to talk about Using Vocal Emphasis To Stylize Your Voice.

Now what do I mean by vocal emphasis? Well, where you’re going to stress or put the energy of the note in styles like musical theatre especially a little more traditional musical theatre not be rock based that we often get. 

We’re going to enunciate a little more and we’re going to keep the energy a little more balanced than fluid through the words, such as I’ll exaggerate.

What time are we leaving? And everything’s what time are we? And now if I want to make it just maybe a little more pop, or even a little more rock, I want to put more stress on the front of the note and let the energy fall off towards the end so that, what time are we? Becomes more, What time are we leaving? Right? The emphasis sits more at the front. 

We are taking too long. Becomes, we are taking too long. And that change of emphasis even though it’s the same notes, it really changes how your voice is perceived. So if you’ve done a lot of musical theater singing, and I will have students come to me with this issue, and people are telling you that you’re sounding too polished that you’re selling to musical theatre. 

Try putting more emphasis and energy at the front of the note and let the end of the note just fall away a little bit more. 

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