Vocal Gurus

Hey there this is John Henny and today I want to talk about Vocal Gurus. 

Within the world of voice teachers, you will have some that rise above the pack and start to be known as voice gurus. Now, sometimes this is because they have an exceptional gift for teaching. They have a way of looking at things that really resonates with a certain audience. Other times, they’re just really good at self promotion. But what I want you to watch out for is when the voice guru starts creating a culture of never being questioned, and all their adherence will shut down anybody who dares question. 

What this person does, very often they will start to claim that they are making new discoveries in the voice or they will have a method that they claim is theirs and theirs alone. They made suggests that they are the only ones who can really teach you to saying all of this if you use your common sense if you think about all other endeavors in life, all other disciplines and trainings, is there any one person who’s the source of all information outside of religions know and it’s the same in teaching voice you need to keep your mind open you need to stay aware and these gurus, some of them have great info and they have fantastic teaching styles, but just be very, very careful about getting into a situation where someone can’t be questioned. 

Even if your questions incorrect, even if the guru can defend it. You have a right to ask the question. 

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Talk to you soon. Bye bye