Are Your Students Confused?


We’ve all been there as teachers.  We hear something we know is wrong, but we’re not sure why.

We start trying every exercise we can think of, hoping for luck or intuition to strike.  Sometimes it does, but often it does not.

These moments are not only frustrating for us, they take a toll on the student, who is desperately trying to do what we ask of them, with little or no result.

I have heard voice teachers admit that they “wing” it during lessons.  One even said their motto was “fake it till you make it.”  Can you imagine the confusion the student is experiencing with someone who is admittedly faking it?!


It’s Your Responsibility

There is more information on the voice available now then at any other time in history.  There is also more confusion.

Voice teaching is at the crossroads between science and art – and a good teacher is passionate about both.

Some teachers back away from the science, afraid that it will interfere with their intuition and gift.  Others are intimidated by their lack of understanding – their egos won’t let them admit the weakness in their knowledge.

There are still other teachers who are following the “guru” path, taking all of their understanding and knowledge from one school of singing or mentor.  If the guru doesn’t trust vocal science, well neither do they.

I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to know the latest research.  You should hold yourself accountable to your students, not a mentor or your own fears.

Root Causes

Every problem a singer experience has a physical cause.  The faster you can get to the exact root of the problem the quicker you can fix it.

Too often voice teachers chase after the result of the issue.  They ask the singer to place the voice differently by moving it forward, back, up, down, etc.

They also start identifying the issues by the sensations that are created, and not by the root cause.  They have students chasing after such things as “split resonance” trying to send sound waves in new direction as they sing higher.

Understanding how vocal resonance truly works will get you past the resulting sensations and right to the true root cause of the problem.

Learn the root cause and you can fix the voice faster and more accurately, while eliminating confusion.

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