What Your Audience Really Wants From You


Last night I sat and listened to Luciano Pavarotti, one of the most beautiful voices to have ever graced this planet.  He is someone who could literally sing the phone book and I would listen.

The rest of us?  Not so much.

Now I’m not saying that each of us does not have a unique instrument, capable of our own beauty, but we mere mortals are likely not going to compete with Pavarotti’s gift.

What does this mean?  It means that we mortals have to have something more than our instrument.  We need to bring something unique and compelling to the world.


What Are You Saying?

What are your goals as an artist?  Do you simply want to be on a competition show?  Then what?

Sure, being on TV is exciting and dramatic, but very few of these contestants have careers that go further.  Why is that?  Because they usually have nothing to say beyond singing someone else’s songs.

A nice voice, good looks and a compelling backstory that makes for TV drama.  It all means very little once the cameras have turned off.  The audience no longer cares.

You need to have a unique voice, something that compels us to listen. And by voice I do not mean your singing, but what it is you want to communicate to us, make us feel and think.


It’s Getting Crowded In Here

With computers, the average person has far more sophisticated recording capabilities than The Beatles ever had.  The distribution channels for music have been blown open with the internet.  Radio is easily bypassed with YouTube, yet very few get through.  Because never before has there been so many saying so little.

How do you break through this noise?  By being the best you can be technically and then using your skills to compel us to listen to your unique viewpoint.


Start Now

Finding the best teacher possible, consistent voice lessons, regular practice– this gets your instrument ready.

Learning guitar or piano, writing songs, basic recording skills, stage performance – this gets your unique voice out there.

Reading, traveling, self-reflection, a deep understanding of others and our shared human condition – this gives you something to say.

Pavarotti could have sung anything and I would listen.  From you I want to hear things in a new way, I want to think and feel differently.

We, the audience, want you to be an artist.

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