Why You Want To Avoid Absolutes In Your Singing

Hey there, this is John Henny, and on today’s vocal tip I want to talk about Why You Want to Avoid Absolutes in Your Singing.

When studying or discussing singing, you’ll often hear people say, “Always do this,” or, “Never do that.” And more and more I have found that absolutes don’t work for me. I don’t want myself boxed into any corner, even in the name of good technique. 

Now, I work to give people good technique. I wish good technique for all singers in order to protect their voice. But I don’t want you to be trapped by your technique. I don’t want you to feel that you can never sing this way, or you always have to sing that way. Your expression and what you want to communicate to the world is much bigger than vocal technique. 

I would just warn you that when you step out of the box of good technique, you do so purposefully, that it’s not by accident, or it’s not because that’s the only way you can sing the note. But rather you’ve made a conscious choice to step out of your safe technique and push the margins a little bit, but you’re doing it to express yourself, which is the highest level of singing. 

So when somebody starts telling you, “You can never do this,” or, “You always have to do that,” I would set that advice aside. 

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