graphic of a brain projected from fingertips

Episode 323 – Your Small Singer Mind

In this episode, John talks about the concept of the analytical small mind that is captured by things like thought, worry, judgement, imposter syndrome, and self-criticism. Episode Highlights: The small mind
illustration of speech bubbles with thumbs up and thumbs down

Episode 322 – Using Feedback and Criticism

In this episode, John talks about handling feedback and criticism. Episode Highlights: Constructive vs Destructive criticism Welcoming feedback Healthy self-criticism is important The power of continuous improvement To learn more about John
photo of crumpled colored note paper that says "keep going"

Episode 321 – You Can’t Quit

The singing journey is a long one and life never ceases to get in the way of our goals.  In this episode, John discusses how to persevere when facing challenges. Episode
wood blocks with the words "life" and "skills" printed on them

Episode 319 – Singing and Life Skills

In this episode, John talks about the importance of skill and knowledge in singing. Episode Highlights: Importance of investing in your singing knowledge Main principle concepts of music and singing How
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Episode 298: Your Singing Hero Journey

Every hero has a journey, and every great singer has their own singing hero journey. From the earliest stages of learning to sing, mastering technique, crafting original compositions, and finally