Episode 350 – Everything Moves

In this episode, John talks about how everything in the body is interconnected, and how having a better sense of this connection can greatly affect your singing. Episode highlights: One thing

Episode 349 – The Four Levels of Competence

In this episode, John explains the four levels of competency, and what it really means to reach your highest level of singing. Episode highlights: There is bliss in the first level,
frustrated singer in a recording studio

Episode 345 – Dealing with Frustration

In this episode, John talks about how frustration can actually be a guide for us in our singing journeys, and how to better navigate frustration when we experience it. Episode Highlights:
Close-up of hands playing the piano

Episode 311 – Piano Basics for Singers

As a singer, expanding your musical skills is a fantastic way to enhance your abilities and take your performances to the next level. Among the various instruments you can explore,