photo of an axe with the word skills printed on it laying on top of a whetstone

Episode 329 – Sharpen Your Axe

In this episode, John talks about the importance of taking steps to sharpen your skills. Episode Highlights: Plan and prepare Set time to practice Find the right people To learn more about
photo of a word cloud for assessment

Episode 328 – Skill Assessment

In this podcast episode, John discusses how skill assessment can help you celebrate your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Episode Highlights: Singers are vocal athletes Paving your way with your
photo of a hand cupping an ear

Episode 327 – Active Listening

In this episode, John discusses the importance of active listening in improving musicianship and how to develop it. Episode Highlights: Working on rhythm Getting into music theory Expanding your music palette To
photo of a bored child

Episode 326 – Embracing Boredom

In this episode, John talks about the importance of embracing boredom. Episode Highlights: The attributes of great musicians Great breakthroughs that come from boredom The mind and body connection To learn more
photo of a smiling man with his fingers touching his throat

Episode 325 – Your Amazing Vocal Tract

In this episode, John discusses the vocal tract and its primary importance in the singing process. Episode Highlights: The transient theory of voice production The surprising way the vocal folds produce
Rick Cowley

Episode 324 – Finding Your True Path with Rick Cowley

In this episode, John talks with Rick Cowley, founder of VysionQuest, about getting in touch with your "true self" to gain direction and inspiration for understanding your greater purpose. Episode Highlights:
graphic of a brain projected from fingertips

Episode 323 – Your Small Singer Mind

In this episode, John talks about the concept of the analytical small mind that is captured by things like thought, worry, judgement, imposter syndrome, and self-criticism. Episode Highlights: The small mind
illustration of speech bubbles with thumbs up and thumbs down

Episode 322 – Using Feedback and Criticism

In this episode, John talks about handling feedback and criticism. Episode Highlights: Constructive vs Destructive criticism Welcoming feedback Healthy self-criticism is important The power of continuous improvement To learn more about John
photo of crumpled colored note paper that says "keep going"

Episode 321 – You Can’t Quit

The singing journey is a long one and life never ceases to get in the way of our goals.  In this episode, John discusses how to persevere when facing challenges. Episode