Episode 354 – Notes to My Younger Self

In this episode, John talks about what he would say to his younger self, inspired by Ian Howell’s book “Advice for Young Musicians.” Episode highlights: It’s ok to no longer want

Episode 353 – My New Year’s Resolutions

In this episode, John shares his New Year’s resolutions and his approach to make sure he follows through with them. Episode highlights: Making resolutions just once at the beginning of the

Episode 352 – The Top Ten Episodes of 2023

In this episode, John highlights the Top 10 podcast episodes from 2023, based on the number of listens and feedback from listeners. Episode highlights: You should be using your voice all

Episode 351 – Old Versus New

In this episode, John discusses the new information we’re getting about how the voice works, and how these new findings don’t necessarily discount the old ways of learning the voice. Episode

Episode 350 – Everything Moves

In this episode, John talks about how everything in the body is interconnected, and how having a better sense of this connection can greatly affect your singing. Episode highlights: One thing

Episode 349 – The Four Levels of Competence

In this episode, John explains the four levels of competency, and what it really means to reach your highest level of singing. Episode highlights: There is bliss in the first level,
frustrated singer in a recording studio

Episode 345 – Dealing with Frustration

In this episode, John talks about how frustration can actually be a guide for us in our singing journeys, and how to better navigate frustration when we experience it. Episode Highlights: