John Nix

Episode 337 – The Latest on Vibrato with John Nix

In this episode, John Henny discusses vibrato with voice professor and researcher, John Nix. Episode Highlights: How emotions and physiology affect vibrato Adjusting the speed of vibrato The potential to sing

Episode 335 – My Current Vocal Rants

In this episode, John dives headfirst into a whirlpool of thoughts, opinions, and outbursts surrounding the voice-teaching community. Episode Highlights: Voice teachers blasting other voice teachers Need for respect for professionals
photo of a robot singing into a microphone

Episode 334 – The Machine Model Fallacy

In this episode, John talks about the utilization of models for the voice. He looks into models that serve as tools to decipher intricate systems, particularly highlighting the Machine Model
illustration of nodes and antinodes

Episode 332 – Resonance and Registration

In this episode, John creatively discusses quarter-wave resonators, resonance, and registration. Episode Highlights: The voice is a quarter-wave resonator Sound wave starts at equilibrium until a disturbance is created Nodes are
silhouette of a man with a microphone in a spotlight on stage

Episode 331 – Before You Perform

In this episode, John shares some crucial tips on preparing yourself before every performance and avoiding stage fright. Episode Highlights: It's important to spend enough time in preparation Positive self-talk may
Jeff Alani Stanfill

Episode 330 – The CCM Tenor with Jeff Alani Stanfill

In this episode, John talks with professional singer and vocal coach Jeff Alani Stanfill about the significance of understanding and training the Contemporary Commercial Music Tenor. Episode Highlights: Common struggles faced
photo of an axe with the word skills printed on it laying on top of a whetstone

Episode 329 – Sharpen Your Axe

In this episode, John talks about the importance of taking steps to sharpen your skills. Episode Highlights: Plan and prepare Set time to practice Find the right people To learn more about