Episode 297 – Get Moving

In this episode, John talks about the importance of physical movement to improve your singing voice. Episode Highlights: Nature and Time are working against you and your singing Movement can create

Episode 296 – Take Something From Everyone

In this episode, John reminds us to be open-minded and find something of value to learn from the world of Voice Teachers. Episode Highlights: Avoid dismissive or myth-debunking styles of teaching
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How to Improve Your Speaking Voice

People enjoy listening to great-sounding voices.If a speaker's voice is weak, thin, or nasal, or if they speak with a flat, nonpassionate monotone, the listener will quickly tune them out.Your

Ideal Practices to Speak with Confidence

Confidence is the act of convincing oneself that they are unique and powerful. It determines how people see the beauty in themselves, from their physical appearance to their skills and
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Episode 293 – Micro-Registration

In this episode, John discusses how to go deeper into vocal registration to fine-tune your vocal balance. Episode Highlights: The essential differences between "similar" and "same" Refining your registers How to

How to Sing

Singing can be intimidating to learn, but if you're willing to put in some time and effort, you can improve at any age or skill level. Knowing where to start
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Episode 292 – How to Get Unstuck

In this episode, John discusses how to break out of ruts and routines with our singing and practice. Episode Highlights: Reconnecting your mind and body Finding and embracing issues Building focus