Episode 54 – You Do Not Need Anyone’s Permission

You Do Not Need Permission

Taking risks is part of the creative process (and life) but there may be those in your life who are stopping you from moving forward. Not needing permission is a theme social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk speaks about often – and this attitude is vital if you want to have a career as a singer…

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Episode 53 – Why Singing Terms Are Confusing

Why Vocal Terms Are Confusing

Singing terms such as “pulled chest” or “mix” can certainly cause confusion. Not only are the terms imperfect descriptions of what is occurring in the voice, they also mean different things depending on the teacher or singer. In this episode, John explains where some of the more popular terms come from and how to understand the…

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Episode 52 – Do Great Singers Equal Great Voice Teachers?

Great singer great voice teacher

There are many criteria to use in selecting a voice teacher, a great singing voice is an obvious metric to use. There are those who argue singing well is the ONLY criteria for choosing a voice teacher. However, the reality doesn’t always match up to conventional wisdom. In this episode, John discusses teaching versus “doing”…

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Great Singer = Great Voice Teacher?

Great Singers Great Voice Teachers

Do you agree with this statement: Not all great singers are great teachers, but all great teachers are great singers. Would seem to make sense, right? The general public appears to believe it. A well-known YouTube teacher proclaims it in his videos – he sings better than anyone else, so he teaches better than anyone…

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Episode 51 – Seeing the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor

Seeing the ENT

Just the mention of the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor (ENT) can strike terror in the hearts (and throats of singers). However, a good ENT can be your voice’s best friend. In this episode, John covers what to look for in choosing an ENT, when you should go, what to expect, and the main vocal…

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Episode 50 – Using SOVT Exercises

SOVT Exercises

Semi-occluded Vocal Tract Exercises are not some strange ritual being practiced on a commune in Oregon – no, they are perhaps one of the best and most foolproof ways to get your voice working correctly. Semi-occluded (partially blocked) vocal sounds create healthy backpressure in the voice, which presses down and helps the vocal cords align…

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Episode 49 – Being More Productive

Be more productive for singers

The creative mind can be a challenge to manage. We are constantly bombarded with new thoughts and ideas which can lead to overwhelm and project paralysis. In this episode, John shares how the power of habit can fuel you to greater success in your singing and musical endeavors. SHOW LINKS BestSelf Journal   Episode Transcript Episode…

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Habits For Being More Productive


I am being asked more and more how I manage to produce what some seem to think is a significant amount of content. To be honest I am trying to become more productive but I appreciate people are noticing. One of the key lessons I learned when losing weight last year was the massive impact…

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Episode 48 – Teaching Yourself to Sing

Teaching Yourself to Sing

Teaching yourself to sing can be a confusing and frustrating experience. For various reasons, singers will try and go it alone, and while not often the best option there are ways to make the process more efficient and effective. In this episode, John gives his Teaching Triangle, the method he uses to stay on track when…

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Episode 47 – What’s Keeping You From Your Singing Goals?


Theoretical Physicist, David Deutsch breaks all goals into two steps. 1. It must be achievable according to the physical laws of the universe. 2. If it is possible, then it is merely a matter of acquiring the knowledge necessary to achieve it. It is not a time or resources problem – it is a knowledge problem. You can…

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