How to Sing Lower

Hey there, this is John Henny and on today’s vocal tip I want to talk about How To Sing Lower. 

Seniors spend a lot of their time learning to sing higher and one of the issues they usually have to work through is stopping the larynx or the throat from rising up too much from following the pitch and constricting and jamming up their voice. But when singing lower, we often have the opposite problem. 

The larynx or the throat will drop too low creating this very dull, wolfy weak sound. What we want to do is brighten the voice as we sing lower. For instance, if I let my larynx drop as I go down aah aah aah. That note becomes very difficult to hit. But if I get my voice a little brighter, let the learners come up slightly aah aah aah. I have more power, I have more presence in the voice and the lower I go the more I want to brighten the voice aah aah aah. I’m really on an aah there. 

Now that brightness wouldn’t necessarily work as well as I go higher. I want to control the position of our larynx, but just pay attention to that. Learning to sing lower is not as hard as learning to sing higher and if you incorporate this, you will find that your lower register will get stronger very, very quickly. 

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